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7 Things That Happen When Your Child Is obsessed with Dinosaurs

Where adults view dinosaurs as an extinct species and the monsters of the past, kids have different opinions on them. For most kids, dinosaurs are fun creatures that appear in comic books and TV shows. They also love dinosaur toys and games and can easily become obsessed with them. 

If you have a kid who is in love with dinosaurs, then calling it love would be an understatement. When kids start liking dinosaurs, they become obsessed with them and won’t stop talking about them. Everything they do will be dinosaur-themed, and their room will also start looking like a dinosaur den. 

Dinosaur obsession can actually be healthy for your kid as not only will it keep them entertained with new fun activities, but it will also increase their knowledge of how these creatures came into being and what led to their extinction. 

In this article, I have mentioned a few things that happen when your child is obsessed with dinosaurs. Let’s take a look:

They Tell You Brontosaurus Aren’t Real 

If your kid is not just playing with dinosaurs but also likes to study about them, then the first thing they will tell you is that brontosaurus isn’t really a species. They will tell you that your science teacher in middle school was wrong, and the dinosaurs’ debate is all about brachiosaurus these days.

Even if you weren’t aware of these species before, it will spark your interest and create curiosity to learn more about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Costumes Become Regular Dress

When your kid is obsessed with dinosaurs, he will want to express it, and there is no better way of doing it than wearing a dinosaur costume. If you have purchased some dinosaur costumes for your kid, then there is a good chance you will see them walking around the house in them all the time.

Kids love to wear dinosaur costumes because it makes them feel like they are one of them. They will put on their dinosaur costume with big hats on and pretend to breathe fire or destroying mountains. You will see them ruin their costume by rolling on the floor, but you will also see them having tons of fun.

If you still haven’t got any dinosaurs costumes for your kid, then it is time you take them shopping and get them some fancy costumes today.

You Will Learn About Dinosaurs Through Puppetry

There are plenty of different types of dinosaur toys and gadgets out there, and kids just want to have all of them. One of the toys that every dinosaur-obsessed kid wants to have is the dinosaur puppets. They are fun to play with, and it allows them to create stories.

If your kids already have those dinosaur puppets, then you will learn plenty about the dinosaurs and the stories around them. You will find out about your child’s favorite cartoon dinosaur characters, and you will also learn something authentic and interesting about dinosaurs.

It also allows your kid to get more creative, so if you haven’t got any puppets for your kid, you can get them from onlydinosaurs.com, dinosaur puppets.

You Have to Watch Dinosaur Cartoons All the Time 

If your kid is in love with dinosaurs, then there is no escaping the dinosaurs cartoon. You will see them on TV all the time, and your kid won’t let you change the channel because they are in love with Dino Dan.

The funny thing is that eventually, their favorite cartoons start to grow on you, and you also start taking an interest in the plot even if it is ridiculous. That means if your child is obsessed with dinosaurs, be prepared to get entertained by dinosaur cartoons.

You Will Be Reading Lots of Dinosaurs Encyclopedia 

When your kid is in love with the dinosaurs, you can never have enough encyclopedia at home. It doesn’t matter how many of them you get; it will always feel insufficient for your kid. So when you go out shopping for them don’t hesitate to buy a bunch of them. 

These encyclopedias give you an opportunity to educate your kid through their love for dinosaurs. You can teach them about the history of the planet just through these encyclopedias. It will also help them develop more interest in other things.

However, you must be prepared to read lots of pages to your child every night because they are not going to get enough of it.

Your Kid’s Room Will Turn into a Dinosaur’s Den

Things will start changing as your kids become more curious about dinosaurs, and eventually, you will start seeing their love for dinosaurs reflected in their room. You will walk into their room, and it will be full of dinosaur toys. Your kid will place them carefully by category, or you will see all of them lying around in different places.

You can also help them level up their game by helping them put some dinosaur wallpapers in their room. Your kid will love that and will always keep their room clean because they want those dinosaurs to look good.

Shopping for Kids’ Clothing Becomes Complicated

Now, this is something that doesn’t happen with every kid that loves dinosaurs, but it does happen with them. There are good chances that your kids would not want to wear anything that doesn’t have a dinosaur on it, and you will have to spend more time shopping to get some clothes for them.

It wouldn’t be an inconvenience if you know where to shop for such clothes, but if you don’t, it can really be exhausting.


When kids fall in love with something, they become obsessed with it, and if your kid is obsessed with dinosaurs, it isn’t really a bad thing. It allows you to make your child’s love more fun, and it also helps you educate them about the history of dinosaurs, how they used to live and how they got extinct.  

Their love for dinosaurs will be annoying at times, but you will also have a great time taking part in some of those dinosaur activities.