7 Spring Jewelry Trends For 2021

7 Spring Jewelry Trends For 2021

Jewelry, like any accessory, laps with time, but the obsession with beautiful gems will never change. As we look forward to spring 2021, we’re seeing a pattern of design elements that will stay constant throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the most trendy, creative, and versatile jewelry that you’ll want to add to your outfits that are available for purchase right now.

1. The Harry Styles Effect

Harry Styles has had his fair share of controversy over his outfits, including the 2019 Met Gala appearance with his single pearl earring and his Vogue centerfold where he wore a dress. Thanks to Harry Styles, more men are feeling confident to wear items they thought they couldn’t, and that’s a very good thing. Pieces like these gorgeous aquamarine studs, hoops, and strands of pearls look incredibly fashionable against masculine and traditionally male faces. 

2. Long Necklaces

Long necklaces disappeared for a while and were replaced with chunky 90’s chokers for the past five years, but not anymore. It’s pretty refreshing to see long necklaces, layered or otherwise, make a comeback because it adds depth and complexity to any simple outfit. Chloé, Tory Burch, and Dior featured some sort of long necklace in their runway looks, which seems like a coordinated effort to usher a rebirth to this tried and true jewelry staple. 

3. Diamonds Everywhere

Are diamonds ever not in? While diamond jewelry seems to always have a place in the fashion world, it seems like layering the ice on our skins will become more fashionable than a simple necklace or ring. Runway looks were abound with large, chunky diamond necklaces, full earpieces, and giant studs. There is even talk that diamond tiaras may make a comeback, though they may be challenging to wear for the average person. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try!

4. One Part Bag, One Part Necklace

A bag can pull together any outfit, which is why they tend to stay in style but in different ways. Last fall, the holder handbags were trending but, 2021 has quickly sent that concept away. Now, handbags are pulling double duty by acting as both a necklace and a place to store your credit cards, makeup, and keys. Chanel and Max Mara’s most recent collection showed a group of models showing off their newest handbags, just on their necks instead of their arms.

5. Layered Bangles

It’s hard to remember the last time bangles were popular with any crowd except for surfers and festival-goers. This year, Lanvin and Jacquemus took 2021 by storm by dressing their models with large, chunky bangles that knocked against their wrists. Other fashion designs have also layered smaller, slimmer bangles up their models’ arms, but the trend is staying firm. Whether they’re stacked to the brim or single statement, bangles are back in business.

6. Big Chunky Statement Pieces

There is no limit to how large jewelry can be, and Victoria Beckham proved that during her 2020 runways. Featured were large, metallic hoops that brushed shoulders and matching chain-linked necklaces and bracelets that were at least an inch or 2 long. If you’re capable of carrying this heavy load, we recommend pairing this jewelry with a simpler outfit. With this trend, bigger is always better as long as you can still lift your arms and move your head.

7. All Pearl Everything

Pearls are another classic accessory that goes in and out of fashion, but they’re typically associated with old Hollywood glamour and opulence. In spring 2021, the concept of using pearls to flex wealth is at a whole other level. Models that appeared in fashion shows had pearls hanging from their ears down to their waists, bracelets that went all the way up the arm, and pearl chainmail. 2021 features the most unique ways to wear pearls ever seen.

Lisa Bianconi
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