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7 Hobbies for Those Who Miss Traveling

Our whole lives have turned upside down due to the pandemic. Lockdowns have been introduced, borders are closed and airlines are forced to cancel flights.

No doubt, Covid-19 is a good reason to stay at home, but it’s not a reason to give up traveling for good. Fortunately, we can still admire the beauty of our planet without leaving our bedrooms thanks to some amazing resources. Read this article to know more – there’s definitely something that will inspire you to plan your next trips when the borders are open again.

 Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/u0lAovoUsaU 

Go On A Photo Tour

Street view on Google maps is not a surprise to anyone. However, a new trend has emerged – more and more users create photo tours and whole virtual trips.

Now, we have the chance to go for a walk near the Taj Mahal, enjoy Dubai from the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper and take a look at Paris from the observation decks of the Eiffel Tower.

Of course, if you like something more unique, there are other options, as well. For example, you can go down to the Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland), which looks like an underground palace. Or go on a dive around the Galapagos Islands.

Such virtual trips can give us a boost of energy. And we surely need it – during the lockdown period, more and more people open up about the loss of motivation and focus.

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Appreciate Panoramas

The stunning AirPano project gives you the opportunity to view panoramas or aerial tours taken from literally everything that can fly. There are about 2000 panoramas available on the website, taken from airplanes, balloons, airships, and drones.

On the website, you can enjoy the most picturesque places on our planet: the landscapes of Iceland or Hawaii, visit the Jordanian Petra and fly above the valley of mountain peaks and waterfalls in Switzerland.

360cities.net is another well-known platform. Here, you can stroll around Kathmandu or explore the skyline of London taken from a skyscraper. The quality is so great that you can practically see people’s faces in the windows. 

Visit a Virtual Museum

Google Arts & Culture project is gaining more and more popularity these days. It is an impressive collection of thousands of paintings from the finest museums in the world. Moreover, each picture was taken in a high resolution. Thus, you can examine Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in detail, or look into the eyes of Frida Kahlo in one of her self-portraits. You can explore the museums in VR or using an ordinary screen

Some museums have allowed shooting not only their exhibitions, but premises as well. So, now we can stroll through the halls of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, or visit the Athenian Acropolis Museum from the comfort of our homes.

YouTube Walks

Of course, we all miss exploring new cities on spring breaks. Thanks to Watched Walker channel, it’s finally possible again. A snowy winter walk in Notting Hill, a beach promenade in Barcelona, strolling around Monaco’s Old Town – you can enjoy all of that. The videos are relatively long: on average, they last from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

Nomadic Ambience is another great channel. Here, you can travel to Manhattan in the pouring rain, walk through the woods in the morning fog, or admire sunset in Istanbul, Turkey.

In fact, there are many channels of this type: just look up something like «Walking around [any place] 4K».


Live Cameras

On earthcam.com, there is a huge collection of webcams from all over the world: from New York and Tbilisi to Bangkok or Budapest. Thanks to this project, you can spend a couple of hours watching the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or follow the change of time zones on the planet.

Travel Videos on Vimeo

Timelapse 4K feels like actual magic. Using high resolution cameras, talented photographers can do wonders, showing us places in a new, delightful way, even if they are familiar to us.

On vimeo.com, there are wonderful collections of such videos, allowing us to visit the most stunning spots all over the world. Visit this platform to admire hypnotic Norwegian sunsets, romantic shots from Yosemite National Park, or the Dolomites mountains in Italy.

In Case You Are a Film Fan

When you can’t go on a real adventure, you can always see the world through movies.

«Before The Sunset» shows us one day that a couple of young people spent in Austria’s capital. An American tourist and a student from France meet on the train from Budapest, get off together in Vienna and enjoy this beautiful city together.

«The Secret Life of Walter Mitty» is a film for those looking for a good mood, jokes and unforgettable landscapes. The main character, played by Ben Stiller, visits Greenland, Iceland and the Himalayas.

Another movie on the list is «Eat. Pray. Love», you’ve certainly heard about this one. In the adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, the impeccable Julia Roberts explores Italy, India and Bali.

If you haven’t watched «Roman Holiday», it’s time to enjoy an astonishing story with Audrey Hepburn in all her glory. Hepburn plays a princess on a tour of Europe. During an official visit to Rome, the girl meets a reporter and spends 24 hours full of romance with him. By the end of the movie, you will probably dream of a warm Italian evening in a cozy pizzeria.

In «Midnight In Paris», Woody Allen told the story of an American writer. The charming and dreamy main character is convinced that he should not have been born in our time, but in the 1920s. He comes to Paris and his wish finally comes true in this magical city. The writer travels back in time and meets Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Salvador Dali in-person.

Final Thoughts

During self-isolation, we tend to miss not only new impressions and experiences, but simple things, too. They can be different: from the sounds of an airport or train station to a noisy café background. Sometimes ambient sounds might help us focus as we work, so try turning them on as a background.

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