6 Top Online Degrees in 2021 to Watch out for

Learning online is awesome. You get to study in your pajamas and take your work on the go wherever your heart may roam. If you’re on the hunt for online degrees, we have the 6 top online degrees said to take the web by storm in 2021. No matter if you’re a first-time student or trying to beef up your resume by extending your educational accomplishments, these degrees have something for you. Each of our picks has a great history, along with competitive curricula and accreditation across the globe.  

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida is a prestigious university known for its compelling staff and killer courses. As a university, they have bred hundreds of thousands of professionals, some of which have scored their credentials online. This is a top-ranked program and voted as one of the most affordable, with credits costing only $111.92 per credit. They have more competitive offers for in-state students, possibly saving up to 40% on enrollment. 



-Voted one of the top-ranked online courses  

-Expensive for out of state students ($500 per credit) 

-Affordable at just $111.92 per credit 


–        The average debt is way below the national average


2. Colorado State University 

CSU’s online program is far cheaper than the rest. It also ranks as one of the lowest; however, it still has a solid reputation for courses and curriculum. There are absolutely no hidden fees when students are looking to enroll, giving them another vital point that students and parents love. On average, CSU education costs $350 per credit and provides an excellent investment return for students who land a job after graduation. There is no need to write a compelling gun control essay for admission; you’ll just have to demonstrate your academic background and pay, that’s it. 



-No hidden fees with enrollment   

-Credits might be challenging to transfer

-Way below the national average  


-Big turn on investment falling at 4:1


3. Indiana University

If you’re a student looking to get their MBA, this is the school for you. This online program is labeled one of the world’s best, with 64% of graduates scoring a promotion after graduation. The average salary among those who completed a degree fell around $122,000-soemthing that is life-changing for workers everywhere. As a student and graduate from Indiana University, you’ll score career coaching and help break into the field and landing your dream job.   



-Graduates of the MBA program earn 77% more than the national average   

-It can be competitive and challenging to enroll to 

-The cost of courses is below average 

-Cost is steep 

-Indiana University has a solid reputation 


4. Pennsylvania State University 

Penn State is a highly accredited school known for its programs for undergraduates and graduates. They were recognized in 2020 as one of the top online programs, featured for their competitive cost (as low as $103 per credit) and helpful programs for veterans and service members. They offer all different kinds of aid, attempting to help students of all incomes get a degree. 



-Penn State is widely recognized   

-Overall cost expensive compared to other online programs 

-Offers aid for military and veterans 


-Cost is way below average 


5. Ohio State University 

Ohio State University is a top-ranking school known for its top-notch nursing program. They have been noted as the most affordable and flexible, helping to give students from all walks of life the chance to succeed. They offer zero textbook costs and in-state tuition prices for all who enroll, making it a super sweet deal that is hard to beat. There is no five paragraph essay outline due for admissions; all you’ll have to do is visit their website and apply. 



-Ranked best for online nursing degree programs    

-The online degree for nursing is not available for all states

-No textbook fees and in-state tuition for all 


-Total cost is way below the national average 


6. Oregon State University 

Oregon State University is best known for its computer science degree and its bi-annual computer science career showcase. This online program attracts students from all over the world. Oregon State has pumped out large numbers of successful students from this degree, with most landing jobs at top-ranked companies like Google, IBM, and Intel, just to name a few.   



-Have a superstar computer science program

-They are rumored to have hidden fees

-They offer graduate courses online  

-Graduate credits are on the expensive side

-A long list of success stories with students employed by Google, Intel, and more


As you can see, online education is booming now. Choose a university to your liking and capture the trend! 

Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com