6 Tips to Get Ready for Your First Photoshoot

Preparing for your first photoshoot can be an exciting experience. After all those years of dreaming up your perfect look, you finally have the chance to bring it to life.

In order to make your special day both as successful and worry-free as possible, there are several things to keep in mind. The last thing you want is to find yourself scrambling to change things at the last minute, so you’ll want to be fully prepared when the moment arrives.

Think out your overall look in advance

In mentally creating your ideal look, you might imagine including several favorite pieces together: a pearl necklace from your boyfriend, the shawl your best friend gave you on your birthday, the new lip gloss you grabbed at the mall last week. 

Each of these things taken separately could be great, but you want to make sure they really go together. Try assembling your outfit more than once over several days, and ask others for their opinions as well. It could be that you’re so in love with that necklace that you don’t realize it totally clashes with your shirt.

Remember, a new hairstyle could change your whole look

If you’ve been dying to be part of the latest trend in bobs, that could be a great move. It could also spell disaster if you don’t take into consideration the effect that it will have on your face, outfit, and the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Similarly, you might have always dreamed of being platinum blonde. But if you’re olive-skinned, you might end up looking a lot different than those Swedish girls whose styles you saw in the hair mags.

The best thing to do is consult a professional in advance. Find someone with a good reputation, or get a recommendation from a trusted friend. Also, do a bit of your own research on beauty dos and don’ts. You may be surprised at the things that come up.

Get your makeup done right before the shoot, but determine the look beforehand 

Naturally, your makeup is an essential part of your overall look. Some might say the most essential! As you plan your hair and outfit in advance, you might also want to consult a makeup artist and let him/her know of your wardrobe choices. 

Also, keep in mind that figuring out the right tones for eye shadow, etc. involves more than just a person’s skin and hair coloring. If your shoot is for official purposes and your final goal is uploading into a passport photo maker, then an evening look will not be what you want. If you plan on getting highlights done and still want to use your favorite plum-colored lipstick, think about the contrast in color and whether or not it might be too stark.

The final application, of course, should be done right before your shoot, and you’ll probably even want a touch-up as you approach the camera. 

Start your skincare regime early

You’d be amazed at the number of things that can affect your skin tone on a short-term basis. Obviously, if you’re interested in tanning, you should be sure to do it carefully and not allow yourself to get burned or leave any obvious tan lines.

There’s a lot more to beautiful skin than just tanning, though. If you’re going to have any kind of facial treatment whatsoever – even a face massage – be sure to allow sufficient time before your shoot for the side effects to wear off. 

Botox and similar treatments should be done no less than two weeks in advance (no one wants one eyebrow half an inch higher than the other one!). And anything that might cause bruising, scarring, or puffiness should be avoided in the days leading up to your appointment. 

Diet and exercise play a role as well

What you eat and drink can affect all of the above. If you really want to look great in front of the camera, adjust your diet a couple of months in advance. Add as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible as the vitamins will increase your hair and skin quality and make you feel better overall. If you’re pinched for time and fear you’re too busy for healthy cooking, you might check out some sources for quick, healthy recipes.

Drinking large amounts of water is also important. Most of us don’t drink enough water in general, and it is critical for washing out toxins and giving you a fresh appearance. 

Exercise is always a good thing, and even more so if you’re prepping to be in front of a camera. You might not be able to lose 50 pounds the week before you get your photos done, but starting an exercise regime can improve your overall look by giving you energy and making you feel better in general. You’ll be more likely to smile!

Bring it all together 

If you prepare in advance, coordinate your overall look, and get some peace of mind by consulting experts, your first photo shot should be a blast. You won’t have to worry about missing essential parts or getting an unpleasant surprise when you see the results.

So come prepared, and you’ll be beaming before the camera automatically!