Six Things to do in LA That Don’t Involve Eating or Drinking

Six Things to do in LA That Don’t Involve Eating or Drinking

While we can attest that Los Angeles has a terrific restaurant and bar scene, there’s only so much eating and drinking one can do before they long for some other sorts of stimulation. Thankfully, LA is full of exciting activities. Here are six things you should definitely try out in LA.

1. Take a Scenic Bike Ride

When something is instinctual, they say it’s like riding a bicycle, in that you never forget how to do it. Well, we doubt you’ll ever forget your cycling experience if you ever take a ride in LA. There are beautiful trails all around the city. The clear blue skies and beautiful scenery will make these rides moments where you truly lose yourself and embrace the present.

2. Visit El Matador State Beach

While there are plenty of famous beaches in LA, such as Venice Beach, we mostly highly recommend this one in Malibu. El Matador has a beautiful, secluded serenity that few places have. While there, you might run into some people taking photos against the gorgeous ocean and mighty rocks. You might also be inspired to take some photos of your own.

3. Go to a Museum

Just because you’re on vacation in LA doesn’t mean your brain needs to be. There are a wide variety of fantastic museums that are sure to activate your sense of wonder. Some of our favorites include the Natural History Museum, with its dinosaur exhibitions, the Petersen Automotive Museum, with its wide array of impressive cars and the Japanese American National Museum, where you can learn all about the important history of Japanese in the United States.

4. Go to a Comedy Show

LA is one of the premier cities for entertainment, and they take their comedy seriously. When you’re there, be sure to visit some of their legendary comedy venues. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the Laugh Factory are two examples of comedy clubs that should be on your itinerary.

5. Shop at Amoeba Music

Most everybody likes music, but the people who live and breathe music are the ones that shop at Amoeba Music. “The World’s Largest Independent Record Store” is so massive that it consumes a whole city block in its Hollywood location. If you can’t find something worthwhile at Amoeba Music, then you’re just not looking hard enough.

There are countless great activities to take part in while visiting LA. While we can’t possibly list them all, we hope that this list is a good indication of all the fun there is to be had. Feel free to squeeze in some time for food and drink fun, but make sure to give yourself as well-rounded of an LA experience as possible.

6. Have a Spa Day

LA is chock full of some of the country’s most luxurious hotels, many of which have world-class spas. The Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie is a prime example. Not only do they have some of the most comfortable bedding known to man to give you the important sleep needed to explore the city, but their spa treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed like never before. The views aren’t bad either as the Bel-Air canyon setting gives the indoor-outdoor spa the ultimate tranquil feels.

Author: nohoarts