6 Promo Gifts for Real Estate Businesses

6 Promo Gifts for Real Estate Businesses
Photo by Mikhail Nilov: https://www.pexels.com/photo/paper-bags-beside-glass-bottles-and-takeout-food-on-black-table-6613042/

Working in real estate is a constant grind. To put houses on the market, sell houses, and manage properties, you have to be deeply connected to the community you’re working in. To boost your real estate business’s brand visibility, you can use promotional marketing item giveaways to spread your brand far and wide. Here are six promo gifts that are especially good for real estate businesses: 

1. Flashlights

To truly light up your customers’ day, you can give them branded flashlights to help promote your real estate business. Many projects and tasks around the house are greatly benefited from a quality flashlight, so you’ll be gifting them the ability to keep their home clean and ready to be put on the market. This gift is incredibly affordable when bought in bulk, and you can even go with models that have a fun, quirky look to them. With any luck, you’ll be giving them a gift that will become their go-to flashlight in the future. 

2. Plastic Cups

The quantity of cups and silverware you have when you’re ready to host a party often determines how well you can accommodate your guests. The more cups you have on hand, the easier it is to keep drinks flowing without needing to do the dishes mid-party. You can influence current and potential clients to use your real estate services business by imprinting plastic cups with your logo and then giving them out to as many members of your community as humanly possible. Everyone who uses the cup during a memorable get-together will develop a sense of loyalty to your business as they create priceless party memories while drinking from your plastic cup.

3. Bottle Openers

You can utilize a variety of home tool-based promotional items to promote your real estate’s brand visibility. Bottle openers help to tie your real estate business to the joy of having a cold beer after a long day, or to the process of uncorking a wine bottle during a bright celebration.  For even greater value from your promotional item investment, make sure to encourage your staff to bring branded party supplies to their parties. You can even give them a handful (or boxful) of branded bottle openers to give out, spreading your brand as wide and far as possible in doing so. 

4. Water Bottles

Use water bottles to show your customers how much you care about their health in the coming year. By branding a water bottle made of steel or another durable material, you can ensure they’ll have the ability to use the water bottle for a long, long time. This will make them feel emotionally connected to the water bottle, which will make them much more likely to use your real estate services when the need arises. Additionally, the more regularly your clients use these branded water bottles in public, the more often your brand will be seen by tons of new people who may need your real estate services. 

5. Pens

Many individuals now prefer to type rather than write, but there are still plenty of times when someone needs to write something down physically (especially in business-minded environments). Every time they attempt to write something down, a premium pen imprinted with your logo will remind them of the services offered by your real estate business. You can print your social media info, contact information, and more on the pen to ensure the customers using them, and the people they loan them to, will know all about your real estate business. 

Photo by Musa Ortaç: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cloth-tote-bags-with-assorted-prints-hanging-on-a-rack-3185223/

6. Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most classical, useful promo marketing items that any business can invest in, and real estate businesses can benefit from them to an even greater degree. For your next upcoming promotional marketing campaign, you can hand out quality tote bags that customers can use to keep their belongings secure during their daily errands. The more time you put into creating the look and feel of the tote bags you’re giving away, the more probable it is that your consumers will use their brand-new, free (and hopefully recyclable) tote bags extensively. Ultimately, you want them to be both practical and stylish. 

Expand Your Reach with Promo Marketing Gifts

By using promo marketing gifts effectively, you’re making your real estate much more well-known and trusted within your community. The more often a person is exposed to a brand, the more likely they are to go with that brand when they need a specific service. Use promo marketing giveaway strategies correctly, and you’ll be the most well-known real estate business in your community in no time.