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6 Best Money-Saving Apps for Students

Life in college can be hectic and chaotic, and the fact that students are often in dire financial straits does not make things easier.

In addition to essay writing, plagiarism issues, completing your homework on time and preparing for exams and tests you have to constantly think about how to get things cheap, what to do to earn an extra buck and how to prepare for the day when you will have to pay back your student loan. In such an environment, every little bit of help you can get is a godsend. In this article, we will cover some of the best apps that will help you start saving money today.


TUN exists for the sole purpose of helping the USA students save and keep afloat throughout college. It tells you about all the local discounts aimed at students, shows how you can save on buying textbooks and get rewards on your purchases. If you have an outgoing personality, it can even point out for you some free events in your locality.


Fastweb is a service for those who not just look for ways to save money, but also to get a scholarship. With its app, you get access to the largest online database of scholarships, organize them, see which you are eligible for and decide if you would like to try and write a paper to get this or that one. Simply create a Fastweb account, download the app for free and check out which scholarships you qualify for.


Whether you live in the UK or somewhere else, you need a budgeting app, and Squirrel seems like it was custom made for students. With its help, you will be able to quickly separate the money you need to pay bills, to put into savings and what you can spend to see the exact amounts you have to deal with each month. This way, when you suddenly find yourself in need of placing an order with a writing service, you will not find yourself saying, “Can you write essay for me fast, please,” only to discover that you have already spent all your money this month.


Now, if you are someone who believes that being in college should not prevent you from having a good time, then this app is for you. UConnection serves as your guide to food and drinks offers aimed specifically at college students. With its help, all the best deals, special offers, and student discounts are yours to choose from.


How often have you found yourself going through your pockets only to say in exasperation, “Don’t you remember me from the last time? I seem to have left my student ID at home today” when you try to get a discount in your favorite store. RoverTown allows you to keep track of all your favorite businesses and get notifications about their special offers for students in real time. There is no reason to carry your student ID around as well – your phone is more than enough.


If you get about in a car, you know that gas prices can constitute a significant portion of the expenses, and knowing where to get it cheaper becomes more crucial as you move around more. GasBuddy simplifies this task, saving both your time and money – it shows you the cheapest gas prices in a 50-mile radius, meaning that you will always be able to buy gas at a bargain, as long as you refill in time.

These are some of the best money-saving apps students can use – and which did you try out for that purpose?

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