5 Ways to Make Your Home More Guest Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Guest Friendly

Many homeowners love nothing more than to have family and friends over to entertain. If this sounds like you, your home needs to be guest friendly and accommodating for all. No matter how much room you have to play around with, there are plenty of ways in which you can create a welcoming space for your loved ones. Here are some ideas.

Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture you have in your home can be the difference between guests feeling welcomed and itching to get out the front door. Whether it’s investing in the right couch or purchasing a coffee table, you must think about seating arrangements and entertainment spaces to ensure everyone is catered for. The last thing you want is to invite a gang of friends over to find there isn’t enough room for everyone to sit down and relax. Creating a cozy living space and sociable atmosphere can make all the difference and help loved ones feel at home. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Too much clutter in your home can not only be stressful to manage, but it can make guests feel uneasy. If you’re the hoarding type, it may be hard to let go of sentimental items. However, if you want guests to keep returning, your space needs to feel open, airy and welcoming. Getting rid of clutter can provide invaluable benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, boosting productivity, and improving your sleep. If guests are having to maneuver around obstacles when walking through the front door, it’s time to get rid of clutter, not only for your own peace of mind, but for their health and safety too.

Install New Lighting

You can set the mood and tone of your home with the right lighting. If you enjoy cooking for your guests for example, installing the right lighting in your kitchen can help you create the right tone. In the winter months, warm lighting and floor lamps are popular choices that your guests are sure to enjoy. If you invite guests over in the daytime, it’s a good idea to bring as much natural light as you can into your property to make it look spacious and welcoming. 

Create an Entertainment Room

If you have plenty of space to do so, why not create an entertainment room for you and your guests to enjoy? No matter what interests you share, having a space that is solely for entertaining can be a great way for loved ones to feel at home. For those who love golf, for example, you will want your space to be kitted out with the best memorabilia and gadgets. When it comes to golf simulators, Uneekor is a very good one that you and your guests can play on and have many hours of fun with.

Make a Bold Entrance

When guests turn up at your door, your entranceway can say a lot about what is on the inside. Before your loved ones step foot into your home, make sure you have a place where they can take off their jacket and shoes. If you’re inviting several guests over, you need to have a dedicated place to store belongings, as having everything thrown on the back of your couch isn’t appealing and doesn’t give off the best tone.

When guests walk through the front door, they will want to feel as though they’re in their second home. To achieve this and keep guests coming back for more, the guide above can help transform your home into a welcoming and cozy space for all to enjoy.

Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

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