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5 Tried and Tested Top Fitness and Beauty Tips for Women of Every Age

Staying in shape and sporting ageless skin is a challenge that women face at all stages of their lives.

Add to that are the personal and professional commitments that they must keep up with. Juggling multiple roles and finding the time to exercise regularly AND cook and eat healthy meals can be an insurmountable task. Like this feature on the Refinery29 explains, as you cross the age of 30, waning hormone levels can make it harder to control your weight and maintain the energy levels to keep up with with your workouts.

Are you looking for simple but effective fitness and beauty tips for women of every age? Read ahead for some of the solutions you can easily adopt in daily living.


1. Focus on Eating Healthy Meals

After putting in long days at work, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to shop for ingredients and then, go home and cook nutritious meals for the whole family. A good option is to order organic meal delivery from a prepared meal service close to your home. Check the menu for meal options that are organic and free of GMOs, chemical preservatives, additives, and any other harmful elements. Focus on adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your meals that are loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals and keep your skin ageless and glowing. Now that’s one of the simplest of fitness and beauty tips for women of every age.

You’ll also find that since these meals are cooked with healthy grass-fed or wild-caught meats and fish, they add to the nutrients that will help you keep your weight in control. Most such meal delivery services source their ingredients from farmer’s markets in and around the city and Noho has plenty of those. So, you can safely rely on the food you receive on your doorstep each evening or over the weekends to suit your convenience.

2. Focus on Taking Up Workouts You Enjoy

A moderate amount of exercise is highly essential for maintaining your weight and the higher levels of blood circulation can do wonders for your skin. Choose an activity you love and dancing is one of the perfect fitness and beauty tips for women of every age. As a resident of Noho, you’ll find lots of dance and music studios along with fitness centers where you can sign up for any dance form your particularly enjoy. Like the Los Angeles Daily News reports, one of the newest of such centers is soon coming to Lankershim Boulevard. So, look around for a studio close to where you live and burn away those excess calories to develop a toned, lithe youthful body.

3. Focus on Getting Adequate Sleep

Another of the easiest of fitness and beauty tips for women of all ages is getting adequate sleep. At the end of a long day at work, it is understandable that you want to keep up with the news and activities of friends and family on social media. Go ahead and indulge in a little digital time but, only as long as that time does not take away from your beauty sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, your body responds by releasing large doses of cortisol that lowers metabolism and contributes to weight gain. Inadequate sleep also interferes with the repair of worn out tissues and results in fluid retention. All of these effects are likely to show on your skin that could start looking prematurely aged and tired.

4. Focus on Getting Rid of the Unwanted Inches

Despite opting for the best of diets and exercise regimens, it is understandable that you may find it hard to get rid of the last pockets of unwanted fat. That’s because diets and workouts only help you shed weight all over the body. A good option is to sign up for the fat freezing treatment at BHRC. A simple, non-invasive fat loss option, the procedure uses a device that freezes the fat cells below the skin. Since fat cells have a higher freezing point, they respond to the cold by dying. Over the next few weeks, your body will eliminate the debris by moving it to the lymphatic system to be removed as waste.

5. Focus on Keeping Your Body Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrated is one of the most essential fitness and beauty tips for women of every age. Check out this feature in the Women’s Health magazine that explains how water flushes out the toxins and boosts your metabolism so you burn calories faster. The water you drink also helps resist the dry, flaky appearance that ultimately leads to wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll also find that water maintains the levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin. As a result it remains smooth and supple and resists the effects of aging better. Given that the body directs the water to nourish your internal organs as a priority, you’ll need at least 8 glasses of water each day for the hydration to reach your skin.

When you think about it, the fitness and beauty tips for women of every age that are mentioned above aren’t all the complicated or elaborate. They are more about common sense and the stuff you actually know. The hard part is including these tips in your daily life and finding the time to eat healthy, drink enough water, and exercise. But, try and make the effort. Your body and skin will thank you for it.

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