5 Things You Can Do in Melbourne

Although Covid-19 has made world travel more difficult, there are still ways to get out, explore the world, and stay safe.

A great place to start your exploration is Melbourne, Australia. If you can get to Melbourne, there are tons of things you can do without being in the city, worried about Covid-19 exposure. That said, if you really want to explore Melbourne’s city life there are things you can still do. Just be sure to use proper safety protocols, such as wearing a mask and washing your hands often. As long as you keep your distance from others and continue to care for your own health and wellbeing, you can still get out and explore.

The Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is, not surprisingly, right next to the ocean. This is amazing because it allows you to walk or drive along the coast and is a scenic way to get to other nearby cities. If you can spend any time near the ocean, you will be immediately transported to a world of tranquility and serenity. However, if you want a little more excitement, you should look up cruises from Melbourne. These can take you from Melbourne to a new, exciting locale of your choosing. Many cruises also offer activities while onboard.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Another area that you can easily explore without bumping into people are the royal gardens. These gardens are found in the city of Melbourne, but house 94 acres of pathways and ornate landscaping. It is also next to Ornamental Lake, providing a a picturesque backdrop to the already beautiful landscaping. This is a great place to explore if you want to be in the city of Melbourne, but still want to stay away from people.

Museums And Art Galleries

Melbourne is known for some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. If you want to learn more about Australian culture, you should visit the Melbourne Museum. This museum let you explore not only Melbourne’ history, but how Australia was formed and became the unique place it is today. If you are new to Australia, this is a great place to visit to learn what makes Australia so special. When in Melbourne, you should also visit NGV Australia. This building houses the largest collection of Aboriginal art in the country. Both museums and art galleries are areas where there are typically very few people and you can easily see a lot without touching anything.

Shrine of Remembrance

This area is a beautiful spot just outside of the city where you can see and appreciate the cityscape of Melbourne. This shrine is in honor of the Australians who have lost their lives due to the effects and aftermath of war. It is a very serene area of Melbourne and you can either walk around by yourself of have a guided tour of the area. There is also a beautiful memorial garden that you can explore. All of these areas are outside so you can still be in the fresh air. As long as you bring a mask (in case you do encounter people), you can still experience this Melbourne icon with little Covid-19 exposure.

Alleyways And Street Artwork

If you are not a fan of for nature, museums, or history, Melbourne is also known for its eclectic and unique lifestyle. One of the coolest things about Melbourne is its street art. Found throughout the city in every area you look, there is beautiful and breathtaking art displayed on buildings and walls. Melbourne has also taken advantage of every nook and cranny available and has converted many alleyways into something else. From cafes to bars to shops, you can find a variety of stores by simply looking down the alleys. This is such a unique concept and it helps make Melbourne a truly unique city to visit.

If you are looking for a place to travel, you should consider going to Melbourne. It is a great place full of unique and interesting landscapes and places.

Author: nohoarts