5 Innovative ways to optimize yield in marijuana plants

5 Innovative ways to optimize yield in marijuana plants

Marijuana growers must experiment with their crops to find the best solutions for their production needs. Select seeds can produce more buds, and climate conditions could affect how well the plants grow. By reviewing these aspects, the growers can maximize their yield and earn more each year. 

1. Use Auto-Flowering Seeds 

Auto-flowering seeds can optimize the crops and increase the grower’s yield. The seeds produce plants that have a shorter growth cycle and create buds more often. The plants will produce more buds throughout every season, and the grower could use the seeds to create larger plants under the correct circumstances.

By controlling the temperature of the room, the grower could increase the volume of plants and buds they produce each year. When they decide how much marijuana they want to grow, the growers can choose their seeds more wisely. 

2. Remain Consistent With Watering and Nutrient Schedules

The grower must remain consistent with watering and nutrient distribution schedules. They need to water the plants at least seven times in the early stages and give the plants nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus throughout each growth cycle. The proper amount of water and nutrients increase the number of plants they grow and how healthy the plants remain throughout their growth cycles. If the grower doesn’t complete these tasks, the plants could become unhealthy and won’t produce as many buds as the grower prefers. 

3. Maintain Control Over the Grow Room Climate

The climate of the grow room could determine how many plants the grower cultivates each season. Studies show that the grow room should be between 75 and 80 degrees for proper plant growth. By setting up a grow room indoors, the grower won’t have to worry about the climate or temperatures outdoors. 

4. Control the Amount of Light

When setting up a grow room, the grower must purchase grow lights, and the grow lights shouldn’t be more than 36 inches from the plants. The grow lights should emit some heat and give the plants adequate light throughout each growth cycle. In the earlier stages, the plants will need at least 12 hours of sunlight, and the grower can set up a timer to shut down the lights once 12 hours have passed. This prevents the lights from getting too much light or becoming damaged because of excess heat. 

5. Use Irrigation Systems for Outdoor Crops

If the grower decides they want to set up their crops outside, they could install an irrigation system to water the plants and distribute vital nutrients. They can set up controls close to their front door to control the system, and they can install a timer to turn on the irrigation system and shut it down when they are not at home. 

An irrigation system must be winterized to prevent damage and keep water and nutrients flowing through the lines properly. The grower will need to complete these tasks before temperatures get below freezing. The irrigation system can ensure that the plants get everything they need with minimal effort from the grower. 

Growers must follow helpful tips for increasing the yield of their marijuana plants. Innovative ways to increase the crop production could help growers maximize their crops and profits. If the growers are cultivating crops for commercial use, they need to find better ways to increase crops and buds. They can get more out of their investments by following these tips.  

Author: nohoarts