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5 Best spots in NoHo to take a selfie.

5 Best spots in NoHo to take a Selfie!

In 2005, when I transplanted myself to NoHo from Chicago, my immediate appetite for this neighborhood was fed by the arts.

I began producing theatre. Prime-Time Theatre, Late-Night Theatre, even 24-hour theatre. The one thing we were missing: Where was the cast to go for a post performance drink? (Or….where were the more unprofessional actors supposed to go for their pre-performance drink?) The only bar in the area for our crowd was quite a walk, but boy did we enjoy that journey.

noho selfie 5
Berlin-based artist Thierry Noir’s “Freedom Boulevard” on the Lofts at NoHo Commons.

At first, your expression won’t be pretty when you see this, but it sure has some history to it. Read the L.A. Times article on the work.

It’s now 2017 and with over 10 bars in walking distance.

I now hear the actors arguing over which bar to visit after a show. (They tend to choose the loudest one)

noho selfie 7
The Television Academy is home to the faces of many old celebrities, an intellectual TV friend or your grandparents will enjoy your selfie with them.

With the encouragement of stakeholders and the NoHo Neighborhood Council has been ensuring for years that the arts doesn’t run away from the loud construction noise. In fact, one of my missions as president is to support more murals in all of NoHo, not just the arts district. Together we can create a pathway for our community to be known for artists stripping away the blank banal walls transforming them into beautiful pieces we can all be proud of ….while walking to the grocery store, restaurant, or, well, grabbing a drink.

noho selfie 2
If you have been on the Chandler Bike Path, you have seen The Chandler Outdoor Art Gallery which is covered in murals. Thanks to former president, Mary Garcia, this is a gem!

5 places to take a selfie in NoHo www.nohoartsdistrict.com
Various Artists painted murals on these otherwise boring boxes. Produced by 11:11 A Creative Collective and financially supported by NoHo Neighborhood Council and Councilman Paul Krekorian’s office.