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4 Tips for Budding Actors to Stay Healthy and Fit

4 Tips for Budding Actors to Stay Healthy and Fit


Working in the film industry can take a serious toll on your body. If you are fortunate to have consistent acting jobs, the long days can be physically and emotionally demanding. In order to help make sure that your acting career is as long and prosperous as possible, it is essential that you take good care of your health. From what you eat to getting adequate rest and more, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you are staying in tip-top working condition.

Eat a healthy diet

When you are on the set, the catered food that is brought in may be scrumptious, but it might not be super healthy. As Backstage notes, nutrition plays a huge role in your overall fitness level. Because you are figuratively what you eat, and as an actor you want to look your best at all times, you should focus on eating as much non-processed food as possible. Pack a lunchbox filled with fruit, veggies and protein, like grilled chicken or steak strips, and supplement it with healthy choices from the buffet table. If you head out to eat while on the set, acquaint yourself with local places that serve healthy meals.

Get enough rest

Although it is often easier said than done, do everything you can to get enough sleep. If you have an early morning call the next day, discipline yourself to head home instead of going out to party with your fellow cast members. If getting seven or eight hours of sleep a night is hard, see if you can tuck in a nap in your dressing room during down times on the set. If you have a hard time falling and staying asleep, look into changing your environment and your diet to improve your quality of sleep. This may mean buying blackout curtains, not drinking caffeine in the evening, taking a warm shower or bath when you get back home or reading in bed rather than catching up on emails or playing a video game.

Schedule regular workouts

The better shape you are in, the easier you will make it through those long days of filming. One of the keys to getting in regular exercise is to choose workouts that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if everyone else in the cast raves about spin classes or Zumba — if you like walking briskly around the block or riding your stationary bike in the living room while catching up on a favorite show, then do that. In order to accurately monitor your daily activities, treat yourself to a smartwatch like the Samsung Gear S2; the watch can help you keep track of your daily activities and exercise as well as your health and fitness goals.

Make friends with water

Being properly hydrated will go a long way in helping you look and feel your best. Since standing under hot lights and using your voice as your livelihood can make you feel parched, bring along a big water bottle everyday to rehearsal and filming. The Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth 40 oz. vacuum bottle keeps water cold all day and is worth every penny. On those cold days when you want to bring hot tea, the bottle will keep your beverage toasty warm. Available in different colors, the generously sized bottle will help you meet your goal of drinking more H2O without having to refill it every hour.