4 Life Hacks for Los Angeles Pet Owners

It’s no wonder why you can go pretty much anywhere in this town and bring your dog.

Water bowls are laid outside stores as you shop, and places for your pet’s shade and lounging are built into businesses. The California Governor implemented a statewide bill allowing patrons to +1 their dogs, encouraging hundreds of restaurant owners to include ways to accommodate pets if they hadn’t already.

Life is pretty easy to have a dog or cat in Los Angeles, but there’s always room for improvement. Check out these 4 pet life hacks to step your game up and make life with your four-legged partner in crime as seamless as possible. And yes, I totally made up those percentages.


I’m sure countless lint rollers have been rolled for you to find this article. What works better than a vacuum or adhesive paper is…rubber!

life hacks pets

#4 Use a squeegee or a kitchen glove to grab furry debris from your clothes, couches, floors, and more!

Tricks to Stay Hydrated

Unfortunately, this has to be a “trick” since most pets who are out walking, running, or hiking with their parents don’t drink water as often as they should.

life hack pet owners

#3 The Chicken Broth tip

Before you take your dog with you to hike Runyon, tackle the Santa Monica stairs, or jog up Mulholland Drive, get your pup ready for some added exertion way before you even leave the house.

Add some chicken broth into your dog’s water bowl. The sodium in the chicken broth will help him retain fluids for the long journey ahead, and the taste will make him drink much more water than he usually would. Win-win!

The night before or at least an hour before you get on the path, make sure your dog has downed a good amount of the water/broth mix.

It’s also still wise to bring a water bottle with you on those runs. The best way to bring what you need to keep your dog and yourself hydrated is to strap on one of those water packs for your own supply, and tuck away an extra water bottle for the dog.

Health and First Aid

Just in case I’m the only person to befriend every veterinarian I meet, I should probably share the more logical way of getting some expert pet health advice on the spot.

red cross pet app

#2 The Pet First Aid App

It’s exactly what you think. The American Red Cross has launched a mobile app for pet owners to reference in emergency situations. Once you’re in the app, you can call a veterinarian, check warning signs and symptoms, find local hospitals, and more.


There’s no swipe-to-date app for dogs, so owners have to hang around each other before anyone can tell how two doggy strangers really get along. Why not hang around with other singles? Small talk just got interesting.

doggy Datez

#1 DoggyDatez

Happn meets Bring Fido with this mobile app that allows you to “mark your territory” when you’re out with your pup. You’ll instantly see any other singles on the app near you with their pups. That’s another reason to dine at those dog-friendly restaurants!