4 Free Ways to Support the Arts

You don’t have to be a big-money patron of the arts to make a meaningful contribution.

There are some completely free ways to show your support for the arts programs in your area, and the hard-working artists within them. Take a look at just a few ways to get started:

Share Socially

OnePageCRM found that nearly 70 percent of people trust the recommendations of friends more than any other form of advertising, and that word-of-mouth promotion happens most often on social pages. If you buy a painting or sculpture from a local artist, take a picture of it and post it. If you saw a play or musician that really moved you, let the people who follow your social accounts know it. People who are artists for a living know how difficult it is to make name for themselves and the power of third-party suggestion can make a big difference in the amount of business an artist does. If nothing else, the sharing boosts the confidence of the artist which goes a long way toward fueling the creative process.


Funding for arts programs have been slashed in the past decade across the board – from children’s foundations to those created for senior citizens. If you appreciate the arts programs in your area, find a way to volunteer with them. Hand out programs at local plays, usher people to their seats at orchestra concerts, or fundraise to bring a photography exhibit to your local community center. Even if you just have one hour per week to commit, that hour will go a long way towards making a difference for the better.

Track Your Miles

If you walk anywhere, ever, you can earn money for your favorite charity – including some that support the arts and arts education programs. The concept of the free app Charity Miles is simple; it tracks your movement and as your miles add up, so do the donations to the charities you choose. There are over 30 vetted charities on the approved list, and the app has already donated over $2 million. If you already use a fitness tracker, then you may as well let those totals help an arts-centric charity, too. Use your smartphone for more than texting and online gaming.

Donate a Photo

Taking a photo can be artistic all on its own – but what if your own piece of art could support other projects, too? The free app Donate a Photo is hosted by Johnson & Johnson and allows users to “donate” one photo per day. In exchange, the app pays the user $1 in the form of a direct donation to a wide variety of charity options. This app is great because there are many causes that impact access to education and arts worldwide. You can give $365 back to the arts community in a given calendar year by simply uploading one photo per day. Talk about impact – and with ease.

How do you show your support for the arts community without spending a cent?

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Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com