4 Best Ways To Dress For Your Hair Color

4 Best Ways To Dress For Your Hair Color

We all know how important it is to match colors together well; blue and black are nemeses and clashing patters are an ungodly sin. Yet for all the time and patience we spend debating whether our shoes match our bags, little attention is often paid to our hair color and how it complements or distracts from our clothes. Considering how vital each are to our overall look, it’s truly an oversight of grand proportion: today, we seek to rectify that.

Finding the right shade for every hair color

We all know that clothes can come in every shape and color, and the same is true for hair. Finding a way to bring the best of both together can take some work but will result in truly fantastic results. Today we will explore four of the best ways you can make the most of your hair color by perfectly tailoring the clothes you wear to it.

1. Use a color wheel

Using a color wheel is a great way to pick out what colors will look good on you. Generally speaking, you want to find where on the wheel your hair color falls: whether that’s the yellowish hues of blonde, or the reddish undertones of a warm brunette. Once you’ve located where you fall on the wheel, look at the colors either side: these are your analogous colors, and will always be a safe bet when it comes to putting together an outfit. Looking directly across the wheel, however, and you will find your complementary color – your direct opposite. It may seem counter intuitive, but this tone will also suit you down to the grown, so feel free to use it for attention-grabbing statement pieces.

2. Use celebrity inspiration

Imitation is a form of flattery, but it’s also quite simply a fool-proof way of looking how you want. Finding inspiration from friends, strangers on the street and celebrities is a guaranteed way of building a clear idea of what you like and don’t – and what looks good and what does not. Whether you find someone who has similarly unruly hair, that particular shade of brown, or the same piqued short cut, assessing how they rock their look can offer great insight for your own style adventure. Take a look at these top fashion bloggers to start your next fashion journey.

3. Jewelry plays a big role

Jewelry can take an outfit from zero to a hundred, so make sure not to overlook it when planning your outfit. From gold, to silver, bronze, rose plated, pearl and the whole gamut of colored gem stones, there really are endless choices for what finish your jewelry offers and how it might complement your look. The main considerations when it comes to picking the right jewelry for you are your hair color, skin tone and eye color: take a look at this Grazia article for a detailed run-down of how to make the right choice.

4. Experiment freely

And finally, no matter whether you have naturally light blonde hair or dyed black hair, you shouldn’t feel too restricted by your options. Even if a color looks wacky at first, feel free to try it out: if it doesn’t work, try something else. For those who color their hair this is especially true: our natural hair color complements our skin tone, but when we dye it we can look totally different and it can bring out new accents in our skin. Consequently, we make suit different looks and colors of clothing. You’ll never know until you try!