Music Reviews: 3D The Boss “Push It” Album Release

3D The Boss “Push It” Album Release
Music Reviews: 3D The Boss “Push It” Album Release

Music review of 3D The Boss’ “Push It” album, an Atlanta-based, fitness pop trio. Yes, that’s a thing.  

Three brilliant musicians combining their musical funk pop style with their appetite for healthy lifestyle and a calling to share their wisdom.  It’s a potent combination and takes me right back to Olivia Newton Johns “Physical” revolution in the very, very early 80s. Was I even born then??? Barely!

Campy, bold and unapologetically commercial, “Push It” is a gorgeous retro ride. 

3D The Boss “Push It” Album Release
Music reviews: 3D The Boss “Push It” Album Release

If it doesn’t get you moving, one way or another, then you are probably clinically dead.  It’s all Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson.  Clever, musically excellent, full of bounce and balls, if you know what I mean.

Where are my leg warmers??? Favourite track? “Sneak Peaky,’” hands down – hilarious and oh so catchy.  Although, to be honest, all these tracks are so good. 

Pure unadulterated pop. Indulgent, glittery, slick, beautifully produced and incredibly danceable.  

Modern, polished sweetly sweaty anthems, absolutely irresistible and perfect for getting us back into our beach bodies!!! I love, love, love this album!!!! 3D The Boss have arrived!!!

Think you’re ready for a five-minute ‘Beginner Boss’ workout? 3D The Boss have you covered. Watch the “Push It” workout video.

Stream the full “Push It” album on Spotify.

Visionary/Choreographer/Writer/Producer: Saint Day @Day Adeogba  
Lead Vocalist/Keyboards/Writer/Producer: C Lei Boss Lady  @Chanda Leigh  
Musical Director/Bass Guitar/Background Vocals: Lady Bass @Lady Bass  
Producer Name(s): Saint Day Adeogba, Chanda Leigh Adeogba, Donna Hawkins, Daniel Santil


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