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3 Ideas for Styling Your Hallway

When it comes to weekend renovation projects, most of us first think about changing up the mudroom, half bath, or perhaps a reading nook. But there’s one space in your home that you’re likely overlooking and that may be due for a makeover: your hallways.

Long or short, narrow or wide, nearly every home has a hallway or two. And when you’re styling and designing your home, it’s easy to overlook these spaces. Some homeowners leave them as-is, while others simply loosely tie them into the décor of the closest room.

Still, your hallways can be just as great a space for showcasing your personal style as any other room in your home. Ready to give your hallways a refresh? Here’s a trio of ideas for some inspiration.

Use Mirrors to Open Up a Tight Space

If your hallway is too tight to add a lot of new décor, don’t fret — you can still style your space and make it your own. One great way to do this is by adding mirrors. In fact, the right mirror can make your space feel larger, while also creating a focal point in your hallway. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a mirror to check your outfit on your way out the door! For hallways with a wall at one end, a large, floor-length mirror is a great choice. In longer hallways and those short on wall space, a mix of smaller mirrors, alongside some pictures or a vibrant wallpaper, make your space feel bigger without overwhelming it.

Create a Gallery Wall

One great way to make the most of your hallway space is to turn it into a gallery to showcase photos of your family or even artwork you enjoy.

Now, if the rest of your home is carefully styled, you may opt not to utilize some of the colorful prints you love or those vacation photos that make you smile, particularly if they make your rooms look cluttered or they simply don’t match. But turning your hallway into a gallery is a great way to give yourself room to display as many pieces and pictures as you’d like.

Of course, there’s no wrong way to create a gallery wall in your hallway. You could opt for frames in a single color and fill them with black-and-white or neutral pictures and prints. Or, you could group photos of each family member, images from a milestone occasion, or snaps from a vacation into photo art pieces to display. Then again, you can go with a mismatched scheme, featuring a variety of frames and art prints in vibrant hues to add texture and depth to your hallway. The sky is the limit!

Pick a Pendant Light

Alongside your wall décor, another great way to decorate your hallway is by adding a pendant light. Because most hallways don’t have room for a chandelier — and most ceiling dome lights are anything but stylish — a pendant light is a great pick for this space. These simple lights come in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose one that best complements your hallway space. For longer hallways, multiple pendant lights can be used to draw the eye forward.

Styling the Perfect Hallway

Hallways are an often-overlooked area in our homes. However, they also provide a great opportunity to showcase the art prints and photos we love or that don’t fit with the rest of any other existing décor. The choice is ultimately yours, but make it a point to continue adding to your home’s unique ambiance with some minor tweaking to your hallways.