26 world-premiere, one-page plays

WTF? 26 plays? All one page? And all world premieres? Yes. Thanks, Fierce Backbone.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival brings many playwrights, actors and theatre companies from North Hollywood and all over L.A. to participate in what we like to call Theatre Month. We chatted with www.nohoartsdistrict.com theatre reviewer and NoHo playwright Dianne Williams about her participation in the Hollywood Fringe Festival with the unique show “What the F*ck” presented by Fierce Backbone.

The show’s premise is simple: Fierce Backbone and extra-special guests mount 26 world-premiere, one-page plays that leave the audience asking… “What the F*ck?” (Plus whatever else we come up with. WTF?) The show is fast-paced. With lots of laughs and PRIZES. Anything can and will happen.

NoHo: Give us more background on how you came to participate in What the F*ck at Hollywood Fringe 2015.

Dianne Williams: I am a Fierce Backbone member, as well as one of the featured writer in their Fringe Festival Hollywood submission, What the F*ck (WTF). WTF is an unruly series of short, very short, no more than one/two minute plays, that result with audience yelling out “You are so f*cked! I should emphasize that our Fierce Backbone group albeit creative, are a little off kilter.

Anyway, the gauntlet was thrown down by the FB board to come up with a one-page play (not a skit) which lends itself to an audience responding, “You are so f*cked.” With that criteria I ran off to write something that would fit, I submitted three, fortunately Thursday Nite Lites was selected.

The magic happens on stage, when all the writers characters are brought to life by Fierce Backbones amazing actors who morph from character to character, with varied tones; performing comedy, drama, romance, suspense in the blink of an eye. To be clear this is an irreverent, no holds barred theatre experience garnering exciting reviews. There is scuttlebutt that this will become a Fierce Backbone staple (fingers crossed).

Fierce backbone’s mission statement is “Fierce Backbone is a collaborative organization committed to writing, developing and producing new dramatic works. We endeavor to provide opportunities where the skills and artistry of our membership can flourish.” In keeping with this one of the many great things about Fierce Backbone board is their decision to have multiple playwrights participate in this process. This allowed our writers and actors an opportunity to participate in Fringe Festival Hollywood, which may not have been made possible with individual submissions. In this way they show case the crazy creative talent that exist at Fierce Backbone.

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THE SHOWS (by presentation order):

THE CLIMB by Tom Cavanaugh
BONES by Alyson Mead
B&E by Tom Cavanaugh (with audience participation!)
WTF @ GRANDMA’S 90th #1 by Larry Gene Fortin
THURSDAY NITE LITE by Dianne Williams
FAT CHANCE by Jon Christie
CAT’S DELIGHT by Paul Elliott
JUDGMENT DAY by Michael Doliner
JORGE OR GEORGE? by Mona Deutsch Miller
LET THEM EAT CAKE by Nancy Beverly
MEDICAL MIRACLE by Laura Huntt Foti
WTF @ GRANDMA’S 90th #2 by Larry Gene Fortin
THE MAGICIAN by Paul Elliott (with audience participation!)
TALKIN’ TRASH by Cailin Harrison
BIG BUMP by Breyen Katz (with audience participation!)
NOT JULIA ROBERTS by Valerie Alexander
WTF @ GRANDMA’S 90th #3 by Larry Gene Fortin
EGGCORNS by Lara Thomas Ducey
DOWN by Andrew Blackwood
PARENT TEACHER by Arthur M. Jolly
CANNED by Todd Babcock

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