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20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Mom

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Mom

When we were kids our Christmas stockings were always filled to the brim and we all know who we have to thank for that (hint, it is not a fat man in a red coat). Moms are some of the most underappreciated people out there and there is no better time of year than the holidays to give your thanks for the countless minutes spent meticulously writing “From Santa” on your gifts. How do you do that though? Well, you can return the favor this holiday season and fill her stocking with tons of goodies. You know, from Santa. Here are 20 stocking stuffer ideas if you find yourself stumped.

  1. Cozy Socks

Socks may not sound fun for a kid, but adults love getting cozy socks and we are willing to bet that your mom would agree. Find fluffy ones that she can put on after a warm bath – bonus points if you add some nice foot lotion.

  1. Lip Balm

One can never have too much lip balm. Not only are they compact, but you can get several different ones in a variety of flavors. They might be cheap and easy, but your mom will appreciate having some new lip balm to stick in her purse.

  1. Stylish Sunglasses

We are willing to bet that your mom might not buy things for herself all that often, which means that she might need to upgrade her sunglasses. Check out MVMT women’s sunglasses for a wide variety of colors and frames if you need some ideas.

  1. Facemasks

Does your mom need to pamper herself a little? Buy a couple facemasks for her – which just so happen to go really well with things like cozy socks. Even better if you set up an afternoon when the two of you can relax and watch movies while you pamper your faces.

  1. Earbuds

For the tech-forward moms, a cool pair of new earbuds is a great idea. With so many colors and materials out there, you can find a set that will work seamlessly with her style.

  1. Fluffy Robe

Even if your mom does not live somewhere cold, she would probably still appreciate a nice, fluffy robe to wear around the house. Go with a nice soft color, like a sage green or a steel grey.

  1. Framed Family Photos

If you have siblings, putting a framed photo of you and your brothers and/or sisters in your mom’s stocking is an excellent idea. The older you get, the harder it can be to all get-together, which makes a family photo a super special gift idea.

  1. Bath Bombs

Fizzy bath bombs are great stocking stuffers, especially the ones that have little surprises inside, like flower petals and glitter. Go with ones that have cocoa butter and refreshing scents, like citrus and lavender.

  1. Slippers

Even though you already got her socks does not mean that you can’t also buy your mom some amazing slippers. You can get fun ones that reference her favorite cartoon (like fluffy Simba slippers from The Lion King) or you can get more subtle ones. We recommend finding a pair with a rubber sole though, so that you mom can wander around outside without ruining the bottom of her slippers.

  1. Jewelry

Little trinkets are a great idea for moms, but you don’t have to spend hundreds to find something worthwhile. Just a simple pair of dangly earrings or a fun bracelet will work. The goal is to find something that reminds you of her, so branch out and get something unique.

  1. Scarf

 A scarf can be accessorized with nearly any outfit, making it a super versatile gift for your mom. Plus, there is a lot of room for having fun when it comes to picking out a scarf, since they come in all shapes and colors.

  1. Makeup

Whether your mom rocks a full face of makeup on a daily basis or only has one tube of mascara in her arsenal, gifting her some new makeup is a great way to remind her to pamper herself a little. When we are happy with the way we look, our self-confidence sky rockets and our moods lift. It’s time for mom to feel that way.

  1. Wine

Wine. The perfect gift for any mom who indulges in a glass (or three) now and then.

  1. Chocolate

Like wine, chocolate is a good go-to for any stocking. However, if your mom is trying to watch her figure, chocolate may not be the best idea.

  1. Succulent

These little plants are hearty and easy to take care of, making them a great gift for anyone – even if your mom is known to kill plants. Plus, you can pop a succulent in just about any container. Found a super cute teacup in a thrift store? Put some rocks on the bottom, fill the rest with soil and plant the succulent. The rocks will allow excess water to drain down so the soil doesn’t become oversaturated.

  1. Ornament

We are willing to bet that you made plenty of tree ornaments for your mom when you were a kid, but now is the time to give her one that is a lot more adult. Whether you go with a chic glass snowflake or a whimsical snowman, a Christmas tree ornament is a great idea for a stocking.

  1. Plush Throw

The perfect throw doubles as a practical item that keeps you warm when it is chilly and a piece of home décor to toss strategically over the arm of a chair. Find one that boasts a great holiday color, like a deep burgundy or a warm rust orange.

  1. Sweater

The winter is the ideal time for new sweaters, making this the perfect item to roll up and tie with a bow to set underneath your mom’s stocking.

  1. Homemade Cookies

Homemade cookies are way better than any treats you could buy, especially because you can tailor them to whatever taste preferences and dietary restrictions your mom might have. Plus, homemade is simply better because you put effort into them.

  1. Gift Cards

If all else fails, a gift card or two for your mom’s favorite places never fails. Choose stores that you mom doesn’t shop at too often, so she can break out and try some place new.