2 Girls + North Hollywood = The NoHo[es]

The NoHo Arts District dot com team always says: “NoHo is only as good as its people.” Meet two gals from NoHo, Lauren and Elyssa. They’re the NoHoes


What is The NoHoes?

We explain it simply like this:

2 Roommates + North Hollywood = The NoHo[es]

We are two girls (with complete opposite personalities) who live as roommates in North Hollywood, also known as NoHo.

How did you two meet?

We have been friends since we met each other at a birthday party when we were 12 years old. Lauren saw a shy tall girl and immediately ran up to her and forced her to be her friend, and now they are inseparable (sort of). We are both from a small town called Logansport, Indiana.

Who is Lauren?

Lauren is a high-energy, optimistic, fun-loving girl! She has big ideas and tries each one, but they mostly fail. That doesn’t stop her though! Because heck, it’s fun!

What’s your favorite video, Lauren?

My favorite video is probably “Root Canal” because I get to punch my friend Jimmy in the face and there is a dance sequence.

Who is Elyssa?

Elyssa is low-energy, bored, mono-tone girl who doesn’t like anything. She is the complete opposite of Lauren but comes along for the ride because Lauren forces her to. She’s a bit of a hippie.

What’s your favorite tattoo, Elyssa?

I really don’t have a favorite because they are all completely different. But Lauren’s favorite are my laurel neck tattoos. She thinks one day I’ll get her face tattooed in between the laurels, but I won’t.

What’s your favorite video, Elyssa?

My favorite is probably “The Hat” because a guy tries to hit on me but instead I verbally abuse him and he runs away, oh good times.

What is your goal for The NoHoes?

The NoHoes is a web series and segment show. So we do scripted sketches and also videos where we mess around and try new things and record it. Our goal is to mainly entertain people on YouTube and hope our ridiculousness brings some laughter to said people.

What do you love about the NoHo Arts District?

We love NoHo! That’s why we made our “NoHo Rap” video. It’s a rap about how NoHo is the best place to live in LA. North Hollywood, get it right. North Hollywood, it’s kinda tight! Literally lyrics from the rap, lol.


Is there something you’d change about the neighborhood?

There’s so much to do and see, which is awesome because you never have to leave the Valley to do it. The only thing we’d change is to put up a bronze statue of us, The NoHoes, that would be pretty sick! 😛

Why should someone subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Subscribe if you want to laugh! That’s our main purpose for putting up videos. We want everyone to see how two opposites became roommates and how they function living together in North Hollywood. There’s always something weird that happens and it’s magic you want to see!

To Subscribe just go to their Youtube page and click ‘subscribe’, it’s that easy!

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