11 Attractive Lavender and Purple Hair Colours in Ombre and Balayage

Dare To Flare: 11 Elegant Lavender and Purple Hair Colours 2019


Pastels are the talk of the town right now, and what better colour of pastel than super feminine and flattering lavender hair? Lilac, lavender and purple hair shades are the best choices since they are not common, nevertheless very smooth and subtle.

So if you are planning to go for the pale purple, stop; we have beautiful purple hair colour ideas for you! Here we will elaborate some of the best and trendiest purple hair colour ideas in 2019. We will also demonstrate how to take care of each purple or lavender hair colour of your choice. Take a look here for inspiration.

  1. Purple Ombre Beautiful Braid.

This ombre to purple hair is enchanting, but it also reveals how ombres are great in hairstyling. This purple haircut is basically a fishtail braid that is included into a French braid giving an impression of a visual painting. It is also hard to define where the blending of this style starts and ends.


  1. Messy Lavender Mermaid.

This is a straightforward look with solid lavender hair dyed entirely. You can, however, opt to style the hair somehow messy and include flattering layers at the front to give a perfect frame to the face. That gives this glittery metallic hue a little natural look just like that of ocean waves.

  1. Warm And Cool Balayage.

This dual-toned purple hair balayage is a beautiful mixture of warm and cool hues of purple that looks great on most skin undertones. Maintaining the roots dark saves you regular visits to the salon. The combination of the loose half knot at the top and relaxed curls is a sleek and simple look.

  1. Lavender and Silver Bob.

Super light, feathery bobs match well with ombres, and this is one of our best examples of bobbed lavender colour idea this year.

The silvery grey at the crown melts into a flattering metallic lavender smoothly thanks to the glitter in both colours.

  1. Lavender and Galaxy Balayage.

Purple hair blends really seamlessly with indigo to give you a super stylish hair colour look. This balayage is an excellent example to prove this.

It starts with a dark indigo base and dramatically melts into light purple hair colour at the ends.


  1. Retro Mermaid Ombre.

This rich and extravagant lavender shade combines cold and warm purple hair tones to rock most skin tones. Long and thick curls with magenta colour are a little 40s style and mermaid look.

  1. Smoke and Garnet Balayage.

The shades in this beautiful balayage hairstyle are stunningly painted, and the golden glow shows how strong and healthy the locks are. The combination of darker and lighter colours of lavender and violet gives this style a lot of touch and dimension.

  1. Crown Braid Balayage.

If you are after a purple hair shade that will not affect your hair negatively, you should stick to the darker roots. The indigo hues and hand painted lavender blend seamlessly to give dimension and lushness to the top fishtail style.

  1. Violet Flower Half Updo.

Go bright with these beautiful lilac, indigo and lavender hair colours. In this style, the indigo is used for the roots, and the other two hues are streaked throughout the ends. The fancy updo at the top brings the illusion of flower shape and touch.

  1. Exotic Ocean Waves.

Mixing silver, indigo blue, lavender and pale blue hair shades gives your hair a tropical ocean impact. Even though the only subtle touch of lavender runs through the warm bunch of shades, it provides the entire style a pop of brightness that makes it unique.

  1. Smoky Lavender Bob.

For the past few years, many people thought that the purple hair worked with long hair only. However, the news in town now is that it can work well with bobs. This slanted bob haircut is a good example. A blend of smoky lavenders and darker violets mixes gorgeously in this cute hairstyle.

It is a gorgeous hairstyle colour combo that can be worn for both official and unofficial events.