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10 poses to look thinner in a photo

10 poses to look thinner in a photo

Every girl wants to look perfect in the photo. Successful bloggers and models know exactly how to take the right posture to look slimmer and more attractive. Here are their secret poses that will definitely help you too. The main thing is also to believe in yourself, that you are fabulous, and all your photos will glow with your inner beauty.

  1. Standard standing pose

The very first thing you need to do before the photographer takes the first shot is to move your hip slightly away and take your shoulders back. Keep in mind the image of the letter S and repeat its bends with your body while posing. So, you not only look slimmer but also sexier.

  1. Focus on the hips in full-length photos

When you stand in front of the camera, push your hips back and tilt your body forward (as if you are going to sit in a high chair). This will help to lengthen the legs visually, as well as attract attention to the hips and waist. As for clothing, it’s recommended to wear high-waisted jeans or a skirt. You can also use a real high chair and sit on the edge to make the picture more interesting.

  1. Hands on hips

Why are so many celebrities posing with their hands on their hips on the red carpet? Because such a position is guaranteed to lengthen the upper body and make all unnecessary bulges flatter. If you can’t stand naturally, just put your hands down and move them a little away from the body.

  1. Pose on the bed

This is the most advantageous option since you can naturally stretch out all parts of the body and cover up what you don’t like with a blanket. Depending on whether you are lying with your stomach or back on a bed, the photographer will choose the perfect angle. Experiment with the position of the head and hands.


  1. Put your leg forward

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting or standing, put one of your legs closer to the camera to extend it and make the body slimmer visually. Weight should be redistributed to the hind leg in case you stand.

  1. Stand with your back to the camera

Stand with your back to the photographer and slightly turn your shoulders to be able to look at the lens. This position implies all attention to the bends, so be sure to put your hips slightly back. Also, be sure to suck in your gut and use your hands to cover the problem area if necessary. While one leg is steady when the other is bent.

  1. Use things to hide the problem area of the body

For example, when you are on the beach and posing in a swimsuit, use a bag to hide your stomach. The same trick is suitable if you are photographed in a dress in everyday life. Use accessories, items, and even your pet. Photos with animals that attract part of the focus on themselves always look cute. The main is to choose a natural pose and an object that isn’t superfluous in the frame.


  1. Pose for a slimmer face

Hold your jaw with your hand to hide the double chin. This pose looks elegant in portrait shots. Also, if you press your tongue to the palate, the double chin will decrease or even disappear. It’s not very convenient but very effective. These tricks are actively used by Hollywood stars.

  1. Control your face emotions

During posing, it’s better not to scream “Cheese” because it adds extra folds and makes the face wider. The same applies to grimaces that show all the imperfections of the skin and face. Use only a natural smile and expressions. Also, avoid direct sunlight because then you will start to frown, which causes unnecessary wrinkles and a double chin.

  1. Give up the photos from the bottom angle

This camera position will make your body bulkier and heavier. It’s better to ask the photographer to shoot you frontally or slightly above. Don’t forget to raise your chin and stretch your neck a little to lengthen your figure.

Photo editing to fix flaws

It’s known that even photos of models are edited before being published in magazines. Therefore, you should not feel guilty if you use Photoshop or any online body editor. The main thing is to choose the perfect program that doesn’t require special skills and provides the whole range of necessary tools for working with the body and skin in a photo.

Retouchme is one of the favorite apps among bloggers. It combines convenience and versatility. Its main function is a body slimmer that helps to always look naturally skinny due to a large number of settings. Retouch me app will help you to create a great portfolio and attractive photos for social networks.

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