10 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms

How do you keep up staying glamorous, be the best mom to your children, and have a rewarding professional career all at the same time?

Over the decades, this has been traditionally a universal cry for working moms.

Office or work at home, your naughty kids or your other personal issues, whatever is keeping you busy, your self-care routine gets voluntarily sacrificed.

As a new mom, it’s even harder for me to get some profound solitude and silence in the washroom. The mighty rush starts promptly from the very first hour in the morning.

But in between all of this stress and anxiety, I finally managed to fit in a better routine than before, and this time even more prepared for a second child.

Time to Take Care of the Mom!

From waking up early in the morning, taking care of your babies, complting work, and other household chores, moms always have too much on their plates.

Amidst these, we moms tend to forget to take care of ourselves. It’s saddening sometimes, but it’s not necessary to give up all of our lavishing habits.

To support all of the moms who are internally screaming, Faveable has come up with ten life-changing beauty hacks compiled from the experience of a lot other accomplished mothers.

#1. Set Hair Overnight for Waves and Curls

This clever hack can completely save you from the rush and extra effort and set your hair ahead of your time. There are many overnight hair hacks to avoid heat ruining your hair. Follow all those tricks set your hair overnight to get great wavy or curly hair in the morning.

There are even effective methods to straighten your hair while sleeping. That way, you won’t have to struggle with straighteners or heat in the morning anymore.

#2. Stick with Natural Nails

A well-polished nail can thoroughly represent you as a very sophisticated woman with a good sense of cultivated taste and sensuous beauty. On the direct contrary, half-bitten nails with a not so polished state can show how messy your life is. But how about not dealing with nails at all?

Just regular care with well-filed nails is more than enough to make you look great. Stick to your manicure and pedicure appointments, and leave them with a clear topcoat.

#3. Master the Top Bun

Say hello to a bad hair day with a happy top bun if you have no idea how to braid or work out unwashed hair. A top bun covers all of it. Add a clip to finish the bun, and you are ready to go.

Start trailing tutorials and become a bun master in two minutes. As it stays away from your face, it’ll also give you comfort.

#4. Use Multi-tasking Products

A few products will serve you several benefits in one package. Try having these products. A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen is one perfect example it’s three skin care steps in one.

Save your precious time by having multi-use products.

#5. Get a No-Maintenance Haircut

To go for a no maintenance haircut, the first necessary step you should take is to enthusiastically embrace your natural hair. There was a time I wouldn’t step out of the house without the wavy texture of my hair.

But after having my first son, let alone go near the straightener, dry shampoo and braids became my best friend. So help yourself and get a minimal to a no-maintenance haircut.

#6. Use Sheet Masks

When a new blessing enters your territory, your baby’s routine becomes your own new routine. And it’s normal not having enough time to pamper yourself. In this case, to soothe your skin and mind, use sheet masks and instantly relax for a few minutes. It will give you comparative comfort and good skin.

#7. Hide Dark Circles

Babies keeping their moms awake at night is one of the most memorable parts of parenthood. At the same time, dark circles hit the face quickly. Get used to the appliance of different types of concealers and keep some with you always while going out.

Even if you don’t put on anything else, apply some concealers to positively enhance your look.

#8. Use a Lip Tint

As a busy mom, you will try hard to keep looking good but at the same time stay comfy. For this purpose, lip tints are the best choice. They tend to give sheer moisturizer on your lips with slight bliss of colorful shades.

#9. Go for Brow Embroidery

Who doesn’t know the trending beauty impacts of eyebrows? It can simply lift your eyes and make your look stand out. But every morning, drawing a perfect brow and taking a few stable minutes away from your kids might be impossible.

Try recent eyebrow embroidery methods to get a natural perfect brow every day without much-concerted effort.

#10. Embrace Your Natural Beauty

When it typically hits you too hard to keep on track with your beauty routine, it’s better to finally start embracing your natural beauty and eliminate a few makeup routines from your schedule.

Rice water, milk, and honey, sake bath, olive oil — elements like these can help you keep your skin and hair naturally beautiful. In this way, you can look better without putting much effort into makeup and other skin care routines.


It’s hard to be yourself when you become a new mom. But still, what’s the harm in taking some shortcuts to beauty roads and feeling confident? Don’t forget trying out these hacks while you are messing around with your toddler.