Zombie Joe’s and A Christmas Carol?

Yep, It’s “A Christmas Carol,” Zombie Style

The Christmas holiday in North Hollywood would not be Christmas without a NoHo rendition of the Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Well the NoHo Arts District is getting a new version, Zombie Joe’s style. Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group (proudly) presents their very own fun, freaky and rockin’ turbo-charged version of the classic celebrating holiday spirit and redemption. Directed by Denise Devin and produced by Zombie Joe (and Zombie makes an appearance on stage again!), this version of “A Christmas Carol” will sure to please.

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What makes the Zombie Joe’s “A Christmas Carol” different?

Our ZJU Christmas Carol is different in that it is probably a little scarier than most. We have also added a Steam Punk Chorus to the beginning of the show, which kind of adds to the theme of Scrooge’s redemption journey. Is it a nightmare, is it real, did the ghosts actually visit, or was it all a dream?

Why did you choose “A Christmas Carol”?
We chose A Christmas Carol for a couple of reasons: First, it is a very scary tale, complete with ghosts, and dead people. Fits our theater perfectly. Second, it is a great tale of redemption and we love this story here at Zombie Joes. Both great reasons, we didn’t look further!

However, we also thought it might be fun if the lead directors at ZJU did most of the parts ourselves, kind of as an homage to our actors and for some fun! Which is how we came up with the cast for the main parts – Zombie Joe, Denise Devin, Josh T. Ryan, Sebastian and Vanessa. Very sadly, Josh became quite ill and had to drop out of the show. Sebastian stepped up into his role of Scrooge brilliantly. So it is still the lead directors leading the cast. And we were fortunate to get some beloved ZJU actors to join, and some new faces, Sebastian Muñoz as Scrooge and Zombie Joe as The Ghost of Jacob Marley with Denise Devin, Vanessa Cate, Jason Britt, and featuring the Steam Punk Chorus:  Redetha Deason, Gloria Galvan, David Wyn Harris, Sandra Saad, Annalee Scott, and Corey Zicari.The whole process has been a whole lot of fun, and has given the directors even more admiration for their crew of amazing actors!!!!

Can you tell us about the music you have for the show?
For the music, we decided to have it “live” as much as possible. The Steam Punk Chorus is basically providing all music, sounds, noises, wind, and anything else. We are augmenting this a little with sound from the booth, but overall, it is all “live.” It adds a great touch to the whole thing. We use live music a lot at Zombie Joes, it always gives a special something to each production. And gives our multi-talented crew the chance to use their musical abilities.

The songs themselves are traditional Christmas Carols, done a little differently!:) The Chorus sounds terrific!

Annalee Scott stepped in as music director, and we all couldn’t be happier about that.

What can we expect from Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in 2014?
For 2014, Zombie Joes will be busy, that I can guarantee! We will start off with the 50 Hour Drive By Festival, our annual event where we create plays, rehearse, and open all in 50 hours. Very exciting!

Early in the Year Zombie Joes “NIGHTMARE” a new horror venue, fresh from Zombie Joes’ mind, will open. Be Scared, be very scared!

I am sure Urban Death will come back to haunt us at Zombie Joes. This is our own original horror show, and we will have new pieces in it. I am really looking forward to that one! It is always an extremely artistic event as well as creative, original, and of course, horrifying.

I know we will do an original play, maybe 2 or 3. We’ve always been known to support our own playwrights, as well as new ones to the group, with a chance to develop and present their original works for the first time. As for the rest … well that is up to our esteemed leader, Zombie Joe. But I am sure it will be an exciting year, filled with theatrical wonder!

As Zombie says, “A life in the theater is a life worth living!”

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