ZJU Silent Film Festival

They may have closed our theaters but they haven’t closed NoHo’s creativity. Don’t miss the first ever Zombie Joe’s Underground (ZJU) Silent Film Festival.

“We are keeping our ZJU and NOHO community creatively fun and liquid by holding our first ever ZJU Silent Film Festival. We are currently accepting submissions of silent films that are three minutes or less, something that can easily be created while still being Covid-safe. The soundtracks for accepted films will be composed by ZJU’s very own master musician Kevin Van Cott (“Blood Alley,” “Tortured Souls,” “Brave the Dark”) and when we screen them, Kevin will be performing the music LIVE…

It is our unique, fun and fantastico theatre-community event!” – Jana Wimer (ZJU Silent Film Festival Director & Coordinator) and Zombie Joe

DEADLINE: Friday, January 22, 2021


– Must be silent – as in no sound whatsoever.
– Total running time must be NO LONGER than 3 minutes. Seriously. We won’t even consider it if it’s longer than 3 minutes.
– Your production must be Covid-friendly.
– Must be turned into janawimer@me.com by 6pm on Friday, January 22, 2021.
– As far as the soundtrack, Van Cott will have complete freedom and will not be taking notes.

Other than that, there are no rules. We are looking for films in the spirit of ZJU. We want you to be creative – be crazy, weird, poignant, whatever! Have something to say, but using only visuals. Just remember things like, ya know, story, and not being boring.