Yuval Ron Interview 

Yuval Ron Interview

A NoHo Arts music interview of music artist Yuval Ron.

Yuval Ron is a locally based spiritual musician, composer and world music artist.  Although his studio and music production company is nestled in our lovely San Fernando Valley, his influence and audience is worldwide. 

I first heard his deeply moving spiritual music earlier this year when I was asked to review his latest album, “Sacred Spiral,”  an utterly beautiful and healing collection of songs, full of inexplicable peace and resonating meditative qualities. And don’t we all need some healing and some sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves right now…(review link)

Yuval Ron’s music is wonderful of course, but since he is so very local, which isn’t always the case with the music I write about, I thought a deeper dive into who he is and why he makes this particularly brilliant music could be in order.

I managed to pin him down for a chat and I was particularly interested in his process, because once you hear this truly incredible music you can’t help but wonder how it came to be.

I knew you would be fascinated to find out more about how Yuval came to make this record.  It so spoke deeply to me and those I’ve heard from who have found this music through our site have felt the same.  Yuval’s musical career began as a musician. He then became involved in composing music for theatre in Israel as a young man, and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston to explore Jazz, ultimately studying composing for film, which is what brought him to L.A.  The community he has created through his music and his fascination with its healing properties is ever expanding and includes every aspect of his life from yoga to music to collaborations with peace organizations and outreach to his own brilliant Inspired Sound Initiative, a non-profit offering free music to underserved communities. (https://www.inspiredsoundinitiative.org.)

Five years ago Yuval composed an instrumental album, “Voyage of the Chakra,” a guided meditation double album. Three years after its release, the renowned Dr Richard Gold asked Yuval to revisit the Chakra album and adapt it to incorporate the voice of the Chinese singer, Úyanga Bold.  Dr Gold is Yuval’s partner in Metta Mindfulness Music, a wellness music project creating music informed by ancient wisdom traditions and the most current advances in neuroscience and music therapy.  At first, Yuval wasn’t exactly sure how to do this. To take music he had already created and recorded and then let go of and take it apart again to create the space needed for the voice of Úyanga, bringing her own unique vocal representation of the chakra, echoing and mirroring and entwining with the original instrumentation, now stripped back to its purest form. But at Dr Gold’s insistence, he found the merit in such a difficult enterprise. What artist can willingly pull apart a finished piece to find something new, not many! This music became “Sacred Spiral,” now a duet for voice and instrument. A rebirth, a remix, a return. 

Úyanga Bold’s voice morphed to serve each world of the chakras, from the first track to the very last. Úyanga Bold is an incredible vocalist from Mongolia who also studied at Berklee College of Music, although decades after Yuval.  They actually met on a yoga retreat Yuval was holding that she attended after moving to L.A. to pursue her career as a vocalist. Úyanga Bold performed on the soundtrack for “Mulan” and on many other films and video games. She comes from a long line of shamanic Buddhists and her incredible range and deeply spiritual voice connected completely to Yuval’s vision of his music. The collaboration expanded to the “Sacred Spiral” album after they had worked together on other projects. It was Dr Gold who could see the possibilities for the two collaborators within the Sacred Spiral space, a great example of how a listener, someone who is close to the music but not a creator of it can sometimes see further or with an unencumbered perspective of what it could become.  

A remix of thought.  The result of course is an album that brings together the profoundly indelible power of voice with the gentle caresses of instrumentation. Sounds made to vibrate our souls.  It’s a gorgeous wash of ethereal, moving music, utterly mesmerizing and releasing and healing.  

Yuval Ron is deeply committed to the development of music as a healing power.  With his work with Dr Gold and the Monroe Institute, he has explored the concepts of music as medicine.  Something the ancient peoples have relied upon for millennia.  This is an ever-expanding field of research, embedding musical pulses, synchronizing with the listener’s brain waves, modulated and subtlety hidden within layers of beautiful meditative music.  Frequencies lost for centuries to western worlds, with scientifically proven results. 

There’s a methodology of using sound intervention in the brain being developed that helps Parkinson’s patients to have less trembling.  A 40-hertz vibration through music clears the brain from the junk that creates early dementia. It literally clears the plaque that created it.  A particular frequency of sound that increases blood flow in the brain, producing relaxation and healing.  Meta mindfulness music has found a way to mix three modalities, relaxing meditative music, the vibration of the medical tone through the music, then the third tone, the binaural beats, one tone in the left ear and one tone in the right ear, the difference between the two creates a third tone inside the brain.  It is this third tone that can heal the brain, the possibilities for neuroscience are limitless. 

Yuval Ron Interview

We all know how music can calm us, can uplift us, can push away the worries of our lives, bring joy and remind us how love is all we need.  But, to actually know how to pinpoint specific difficulties we have in our brains, stress, fear, even digestion issues since our stomach is our second brain, this is what could change everything. Now with meditative music and scientifically proven healing powers we could bathe ourselves in music daily to help us live better, longer and happier lives. 

Yuval Ron’s non-profit organization, Inspired Sound Initiative,  performs regularly in the Los Angeles area promoting his vision of ‘Mending the World with an Inspired Sound.’ If any of you would like to get involved through this remarkable organization, as performers or collaborators or simply to donate, you can visit the website.  https://www.inspiredsoundinitiative.org.

Yuval Ron is an entirely unique human. Profoundly committed to his journey of music and healing, with an innate ability to connect and communicate his ethos of peace and kindness through action.  He creates the music he believes in, the music that moves him and with his intrinsic knowledge of body and mind and his artist soul he gives us the all too rare gifts of peace and healing. He’s a treasure. Truly. 

To find out more about Yuval Ron and his exceptional work you can visit his websites below and you can also watch the Scared Spiral Video event with interviews with Yuval, Dr Gold and the remarkable Úyanga Bold.

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Yuval has many events coming up this year and early next year, you can find out more about all he is up to here: https://yuvalronmusic.com/calendar/

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