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Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide

We are getting to that most hallowed and creepy time of year, the time when all the theatres in NoHo begin to get their “freaky” on and for this we will remain eternally grateful.

Here’s your guide to some fun and spooky Halloween events in the NoHo Arts District.

Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“Urban Death: Tour of Terror”

Through October 28
Friday and Saturday at 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, 10:45PM and 11:30PM

Holy Smokes! Urban Death: Tour Of Terror Haunts Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group in North Hollywood for its Fifth Year of Nightmares

Tour of Terror takes ZJU’s signature show, Urban Death, a series of horror vignettes designed to shock, delight and titillate audiences, and transforms it into an immersive haunted experience. The show will steer theater-goers and thrill-seekers through a terrifying performance and maze of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbing spirits that walk among us. The doors to the lobby opens five times an evening as guests are led through the maze in groups of two or three. Guests are provided with only a muted flashlight to guide them. Once through the maze and into the theater the flashlight is taken away and the show begins. After the show they are again given flashlights to walk back through the maze, where new performances and haunted surprises await them.

“This show is intense,” says actor Abel Horwitz, who has performed in Urban Death 100+ times. “Hearing the screams and shrieks of the audience is such a rush. We know our show is as scary, if not scarier, than anything the big theme parks can throw at you.”


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

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Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com


Through November 15
Wednesday @ 8:30PM / 9:30PM / 10:30PM

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group continues their 25th Silver-Anniversary-Season with a brand-new horror-theatre experience that lures audiences through a trek into the deepest parts of the abyss! “DEVILED” follows two spell-casting sisters who open a portal to the “other side,” combining Hell and Earth, unleashing unspeakable horrors!

A deranged and frightening journey awaits those brave enough to face this scary-new Mid-Week live-theatre event!


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“Night of the Living Dead”

Through November 18
Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2PM

The award-winning Archway Theatre will present a live stage tribute adaptation of the zombie film that began it all – “Night of the Living Dead.” The production pays honest tribute to the original storyline, but sets the events in modern times. The play is set in and around a simple country farm house. When the action begins, the dead have already begun to rise from their graves. In a manner that would please Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, the audience is immediately thrust into the dramatic experience the characters are trying to live through. As more zombies continue to gather, tempers run short, panic begins to reign, and rash actions must be risked.

“It isn’t just a zombie story, it’s the mother of any such thing as a zombie as we know it today, and thus all other zombie stories since. It is a tale that explores the deepest nature of human fear, and the monsters we ourselves can become in one way or another,” said Archway producing artistic director Steven Sabel.


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“L.A. Horror Stories”

Through October 29
Friday, Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 3PM

A theatrical horror performance for the upcoming Halloween season in Los Angeles. It will consist of six horror short plays to be performed by local actors. The show will be hosted by our own scary clown who will guide the audience into a horror frenzy. Think Masterpiece Theater with a whole lot of blood!


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“The Woman in Black”

Through November 4
Thursday – Saturday at 8PM

Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt and based on the book by Susan Hill, The Woman in Black is a chilling classic ghost story in its purest form. A lawyer who has experienced a recent tragedy and believes his family is cursed hires a skeptical but enthusiastic actor to help him tell his tale and hopefully exorcise the fear that paralyzes him. With the actor’s help, he shares his story of that dark and stormy night when he first saw a horrifying specter, one that haunts the neighborhood where her illegitimate child was killed. As they prepare their performance, they experience something unsettling as they learn more about what happens to those who have witnessed The Woman in Black.


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“The LaLas Halloween Burlesque Show”

Thursday, October 26

The Lalas are flipping their show into a spooky, so sexy it’s scary Halloween show. Come in costume (encouraged but not required)! The Lalas perform a 75-minute ,classic rock themed, comedic, audience interactive show.


Your 2017 NoHo Halloween Guide www.nohoartsdistrict.com

“NoHo Monster Bash”

Saturday, October 28

Welcome to THE only Halloween Party in the Valley, especially North Hollywood! We were tired of having to drive 2 hours just to get to a party downtown, only to find out that the place is packed and it’s just like any other club night. We wanted a party that always had something interesting going on, had lots of great eye candy, had a great dance floor, and was fun from the moment you get in to the last moment you left. We want a party that is put on by people that love Halloween! So, here it is, the NoHo Monster Bash. We will have events going on every 30 minutes on the main stage that will dazzle and entertain you! The space is setup for lots of dancing, and we have two fully stocked bars for all of your libation needs!


Happy Halloween!

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Author: lisa BIANCONI

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