Women and Fitness – 5 Common Myths and Facts

Women and Fitness – 5 Common Myths and Facts

Women value fitness as part of a healthy living program. Unlike men who do it to get ripped and get masculine, most ladies are into it to lose weight and tone their skin. Women can actually use fitness supplements like 120kgs.com Clenbuterol just like men do to enhance their workout performance. However, it is unfortunate that most women give in to hearsay and fads that surround fitness in the form of myths. This publication will cover five common myths that mislead most women and the reasons why they should not believe them.

Lifting heavy weights makes a woman grow bulky muscles

Most women think that heavy weight lifting will give a physique like that of a man. However, this is not true! It is good to understand that men and women have different bodies. According to research, when both are exposed to similar workouts, men will have a physical change in muscles because they have a higher testosterone and muscle composition. On the other hand, women have a low level of testosterone and therefore will have an insignificant growth of muscles.

Training the lower body is crucial for body curves

If any woman is obsessed with this myth, then they are very wrong. While it is crucial to train the lower body just like the upper body, this does not necessarily lead to a curvaceous body. In fact, most ladies can be seen putting more efforts on the legs, which is misleading. Cardio, shoulder and tummy workouts are equally important, and all contribute to attaining a celebrity figure. As a woman, make sure that a workout plan involving the whole body is drawn and followed.

Eating many meals in a day adds weight

What determines whether one will add weight or not is the number of calories that remain in the body at the end of the day. First, more meals do not necessarily mean more protein. Second, the activities a woman does in the course of the day – including the gym and workouts – matters a lot. Weight gain results when one consumes more calories than they burn. Therefore, it is crucial to track food intake and caloric burning using relevant applications on a phone or computer.

Supplements are not necessary for women

There are many fitness enhancement supplements that perform various functions in the body. However, most women still believe that this is a man’s business. Women can take any supplement to add various nutrients or fitness capabilities to their bodies. These may include pre-workout supplement and multivitamins, just to mention but a few. When you don’t know what to use, do your research or consult an expert.

Stopping a workout program turns muscles to fat

Most women are afraid to stop exercising in fear of accumulating some fat during the dormant period. No wonder! Some ladies try to exercise even when on a week’s holiday. While training, muscles can expand through hypertrophy and they can become smaller when one stops. However, they will never turn into fat cells. Only a poor diet can lead to weight gain.