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Who wants a “Stellar Hitch” this Valentine’s Day?

Dating, Love and Ever After, Even After Valentine’s Day

The NoHo Arts District dot com team is comprised of a lot of talented and unique folks who are dedicated to their craft. So it’s a thrill for us to introduce North Hollywood to Cristina and Andrea Morara, the fabulous couple who gives us honest, straight-forward dating and love advice. Their successful advice promoted them to start Stellar Hitch, a boutique matchmaking company with a romantic “Dolce Vita” approach to dating.

“The dolce vita of dating is about slowing down, being authentic and open, reserving judgment and not letting practicality dictate your every move.” explains Cristina.

Stellar Hitch www.nohoartsdistrict.com

First of all. We have to ask how you two met.
I was a casting director in Milan casting for a bank commercial surrounded by beautiful Italian men in suits. Andrea was one of the actors. We were all business. I took him behind a red velvet curtain to direct him in the scene. It lasted 3 minutes. We flirted for two. Then I took a Polaroid picture of him. I could barely breathe standing that close to him. At that moment, I knew. After he left, he called his agent to ask about me. Soon after, I did the same: “….tell me about my future husband”. And she did.

Why did you start Stellar Hitch?
When we moved from Milan to Sarasota, FL, we decided to open up a wine bar in a bungalow from the 1920s. It was an intimate, charming spot that attracted singles and romance. Soon our customers started confiding in us about their dating woes. We noticed two things. First, that people’s perception of themselves was not congruent with what they were actually putting out there. It didn’t matter how attractive or successful they were, there was always a blind spot or sabotaging behavior that got in their way. Second, people were completely unprepared for finding the person with whom to spend the rest of their life. They were winging it or saying things like “Well that’s just who I am…” Meanwhile, people do anything and everything to shine for an important job interview. Why wouldn’t they do the same for their love life? That became the inspiration for Stellar Hitch and why we choose to work with our clients before we introduce them to their match.

Stellar Hitch www.nohoartsdistrict.com

What sets Stellar Hitch apart from other matchmaking services?
We believe three things set us apart. First, they are everything that online dating is not: personal, intimate, elegant and safe. Second, clients get a male-and-female perspective on dating: Andrea teaches women how to flirt demurely and allow the man to lead while Cristina reminds gentlemen how to take a more confident approach to courtship. Third, feedback is king. “Our pre-dating preparation dramatically improves our client’s romantic life and is the #1 reason why Stellar Hitch has such a high success rate.

What is the most common advice you give your clients?
To stay in the moment, be open minded and detached to the outcome. Dating should be treated like an adventure where you bring your best and most playful self to the table and reserve judgment. Be authentic and don’t let practicality dictate your every move or get too far ahead of the script.

What are your top dating no-nos?
For the women, lead with your feminine side, not your CEO side. Men care more about the woman in you than your resume. For the men, listen as much as you talk. Successful men are used to being interesting but we are constantly reminding them to be interested, too!

What are you looking for at this moment?
The holidays and Valentine’s Day is a very busy time of year for Stellar Hitch. We currently have a lot of stellar lady clients with whom we’re working. Since we’re a word-of-mouth boutique business, we’d love to give a shout out to all of the eligible bachelors out there. We’re always looking for quality gentlemen ages 30-75 to meet our ladies….it’s complimentary to join our portfolio.

Stay tuned. Cristina and Andrea are currently working on their book “The Dolce Vita of Dating: How A Vintage Approach To Romance Will Lead You Straight To The Altar.” In the meantime, make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.





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Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com