It’s Getting Hot…Welcome White Heat Yoga to NoHo

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out at NoHo’s White Heat Yoga

It seems some folks are afraid to sweat and are super fans of, well, fans.

What ever happened to the days of sweating freely without 553 fans blowing your hard-earned sweat cold? Well, that’s all about to change with White Heat Yoga. They’re a yoga studio that is hot, literally. Let’s give them a big, warm (excuse the pun) NoHo WELCOME.

White Heat Yoga is a boutique heated yoga studio located in the heart of the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood. Offering hot yoga classes accessible for a wide variety of practices for those just beginning to advanced. Whether you’re looking for a high intensity cardio work out or a slower paced meditative practice, White Heat Yoga is the studio for you.

So don’t be afraid to get sweaty and loose. White Heat Yoga is joining the neighborhood with a fun giveaway – a 30-day membership to the lucky winner. So drop your info below.

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Meet Jordan Severs, the owner of White Heat Yoga NoHo. Jordan has been a practitioner of yoga since 2006 and did her first 200-hour teacher training in the summer of 2007 and began teaching that fall. The following year she took on another teacher training to be able to effectively teach in the heat through Yoga Tribe in Huntington Beach. Her classes are a combination of traditional yoga poses and dynamic movement. Interweaving classes with moments of high intensity and dialing it back at just the right time to ease students into a state of calm and serenity by the end of class.

We all could use some more serenity in our lives. We asked Jordan some questions about White Heat Yoga and, well, heated yoga.

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out at NoHo’s White Heat Yoga

Why is heated yoga a health benefit?

Some of the benefits of hot yoga are increased endurance and flexibility as well as detoxifying the body and providing a sense of deep relaxation.

Sweating is a natural part of exercise and helps purge the body of toxins.

Are there any Do’s and Don’ts for heated yoga?

✭ Do drink plenty of water before your class
✭ Do arrive early to register for class and get acclimated to the temperature
✭ Don’t use strong smelling odors such as perfume
✭ Don’t eat right before you take a class

Why did you choose the NoHo Arts District for White Heat Yoga?

I chose the NoHo Art’s district because it is such a flourishing neighborhood and there is so much in the area. It feels like a real community where people know one another and that is something really special in a city like Los Angeles.

And the name, is there a story behind that?

The definition of White Heat is an intense state of passion or activity and that really resonated with me. I came to yoga over a decade ago with my own personal struggles and through my practice and teaching I have grown and been fortunate enough to share my experience and strength with others.

What’s your advice to a novice yogi?

I recommend to anyone who wants to begin a yoga practice, or any practice for that matter, to leave your expectations of what you think this may be or how you may want it to change your body, and allow yourself to fully experience your practice from a place of compassion and understanding. It’s not about the depth or how flexible one is but rather the experience that is important.

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out at NoHo’s White Heat Yoga

White Heat Yoga
11049 Magnolia Blvd. Ste 500
North Hollywood, CA 91601

(818) 856-1660

Website | Facebook | Instagram

See you in the studio. Namaste.

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