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What You Should Know About the Locals in Atlanta

What You Should Know About the Locals in Atlanta
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Atlanta, GA is a charming and unique city, offering many different kinds of southern-inspired charm like its comfort restaurants, unparalleled music and shopping districts. The city is known for its massive tourist attractions like the aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and the World of Coca-Cola museum. The locals in this city have their go-to spots for food, entertainment and relaxing and definitely don’t take the city of Atlanta, GA for granted.

Before you start looking for Atlanta houses for sale, here are some things you should know about the locals in Atlanta.

A Chance of Snow Is the End of the World

At the first sight of a snowflake or even the smallest chance of snow, Atlantans hunker down and may act as if an apocalypse is on its way. If bad weather is on its way, grocery stores and restaurants will shut down even before the first snowflake falls. One inch of snow wreaks havoc for the entire city and locals will enter panic mode due to simply not being used to snowy weather. 

“The Peach Drop”Is More Important Than the NYC Ball Drop

Everyone knows that Georgia is known for its peach trees, and that is why you will find most Atlantans focusing on the peach on New Year’s Eve while everyone else is counting down in Times Square. The locals stick together on this one, cheering and gathering to watch the massive 8-foot-tall, 800-pound fiberglass peach at Underground Atlanta.

Atlanta Drinks Coke Only

Atlantans are proud to live in the same city where both the headquarters and museum are located, and they take this very seriously. Obviously you can still order any soda in Atlanta, but when you order any soda, you have to ask for Coke, then the waiter or waitress will ask you “What kind?”

They Love Their Beer

Microbreweries are everywhere in Atlanta, and offer many unique features for their customers. Local favorites include Red Brick, Orpheus, and SweetWater Brewing Company. If you are visiting Atlanta and take pride in tasting and hanging out at breweries, you’ll fit right in.

They Shoot the Hooch

Summer days in Atlanta are hot as can be, often reaching well into the 90’s or above with the sun blazing. Locals take their tubes to the Chattahoochee River and float down it to cool off! This river sits along the Alabama and Georgia border and offers the best scenic and relaxing views of the Blue Ridge mountains. So next time you hear locals saying they’re going to “shoot the hooch,” you know exactly where they’re headed!

Saturday Night is Waffle House Night

Not sure what to do on a Saturday night in Atlanta? Out-of-town tourists will probably never do this, but locals head to the Waffle House restaurant when they’re bored and have nothing else to do. They have their go-to usual orders and use words like “smothered and chunked” when ordering their food. 

Now that you know what the Atlanta locals really do and what they’re interested in, maybe you can try and fit in with them next time you visit this unique and prospering city. 

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