What Do You Get Someone Who Has Everything?

A Singing Telegram! 

The Sidewalk Singers Bring Christmas Carols, Hanukkah Songs and Holiday Favorites to YOU. 

The Sidewalk Singers was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic by Serafia and Dan, two North Hollywood-based musicians who lost their means of income and wanted to continue to entertain and give back to the community, all while still maintaining social distance protocols. The goal is to provide a fun, safe and memorable way for people to celebrate their special day during these tough times AND give back to the community. They’ve given more than $5,000 to local organizations.

Now the Sidewalk Singers have added holiday songs! It’s actually the perfect holiday gift, especially during Corona. 

Why did you decide to add Christmas and other fun holiday songs to your repertoire?

We thought it would be a great idea to keep people’s spirits lifted during this holiday season! With everything going on, and things still closed down, we want to go out and spread joy and holiday cheer in our community the best way we know how!! We also want to continue to help our community; we’re so thrilled that with the help of people who book with us, we’ve been able to give back $5000 so far, with a portion of that going to the LA Food Bank to the amount of 10,000 meals!!!!

 The Sidewalk Singers Are the BEST Gift During Corona Holidays via www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Do you and Dan have a favorite Christmas song?

Well Dan is Jewish, but he loves Christmas songs too! Our favorite song to play together is Santa Baby, by Eartha Kitt! We love the jazzy vibe of it!!

Tell us more about how the Christmas song socially distanced singing telegram works?

Basically, people can book directly through our website SidewalkSingers.com! Just pick the songs from our list, send us a message through the contact form with the date, location etc., and we will be there to perform from a safe social distance!!! We just added a whole bunch of holiday songs too!! So fun!!

Is there something you’d like to add?

We want to thank NohoArtsDistrict.com for being so supportive of us since day one! We love living here and appreciate all you do!

Covid-19 has dealt out arts community a heavy blow. We are actors, dancers, singers, musicians, filmmakers, artists. If it weren’t for artists what would we be doing during quarantine? There would be no movies, TV shows, music, dance classes online, etc.

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Remember, you can take our arts jobs but you can never take our passion for our art…or the freedom to create it.

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