YEBBA “My Mind” and “Evergreen”

We’re Listening to YEBBA’s “My Mind” and “Evergreen” and we will listen to anything she puts out. Meet Abbey Smith, a.k.a. (awesome) YEBBA.

We happened upon YEBBA’s Sofar NYC performance of “My Mind” while on a YouTube spiral filled with lots of delicious musical treats.  We normally check out our faves; Colors, Sofar, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. If there are others we should put on our list, drop us a comment.

Have you ever heard a song that makes you cry and want to punch someone? Have you ever felt the words of a song, like deep in your gut?

YEBBA’s “My Mind” simply touched a piece of our heart, and well, a bit of our mind.

We suggest you listen first. We guarantee that, with only using this sense, you will feel it in your gut. 

Songs that make us move, get out of our seats, or stop and dance are the ones we tend to choose for this What We’re Listening to music blog. But Yebba’s “My Mind” didn’t make us get out of our seat to dance. She made us get up out of our seat in jaw-dropping disbelief at her powerful, spot on, incredible vocal ability and her stage presence, both dripping with raw emotion – deep hurt and sadness but, surprisingly, an underlying strength.

Raspy, soulful and technically creative, it was like YEBBA broke the listener. The song is packed with her very own soul. She took us up, down, around and back and we were like, “What the heck did we just experience!?”

We were all in her feelings and we sort of got our minds blown.

Her latest song “Evergreen” is on our playlist as well because it’s also a technically awesome song that grabs you and pulls you in. When you know what the song is about, it takes a little piece of your heart. It’s YEBBA’s personal tribute to her mother she lost to mental illness. But listen to it because it’s a song filled with lots of love. It’s a beautiful tribute that makes you sing along. Sing for YEBBA’s mamma, y’all.

YEBBA is our reminder that life is better with music and we all need to check out the hidden gems around us and on the interwebs.


1. Go see a local band.
2. Get sucked into a Youtube spiral.
3. Follow a music hashtag on instagram like #MusicMonday and #WomeninMusic. Let us know in the comments if there’s one we should follow.
4. Follow playlists on Spotify or Apple Music or wherever. The world is better when we share our music finds!

The point? Just get out and explore new music.

We’ll leave you all with this treat – YEBBA’s version of SWV’s “Weak” accompanied by a simple guitar.

Keep making music that moves us (literally and figuratively).