We’re Listening to Audrey Nuna

We're Listening to Audrey Nuna

We’re listening to R&B vocalist and rapper Audrey Nuna’s “damn Right” and “Party” on repeat.

Nuna’s latest track “damn Right” starts off with strong, expressive pop-trap vocals then folds in some smooth and sexy R&B vocals for the hook. It’s all layered on top of some danceable beats. Her quick-witted lyrics calling out judgey haters gives us a catchy, satirical song to groove to.

“damn Right” should be our reminder to not give a sh*t about haters, deflaters and imitators trying to steal our shine.

The video is a fun, literal translation of Audrey Nuna’s lyrics.

Nuna’s “Party” is a seductive, soulful trap ballad. It’s simply sumptuous. Get ready to have the lush chorus float, twirl and live in your mind for days. It’s a body roll song.

All you do is party (Party)
Don’t tell me you’re sorry (Sorry)
‘Cause you cross my mind at like 95
Yeah, you cross my mind at like 95
(Cause I can’t fake it no more)”

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Keep making music that moves us.