Very Independent Filmmaking

Here are some links to some great filmmaking sites that I frequent and often steal from.

I spend a little too much time on the inter-webs if I’m honest. But I thought you might like a little selection of the sites that I often stalk when I’m not watching cat videos or sneezing pandas.

So here is a selection of very useful and inspiring sites that I love.

Also, I am a member of Film Independent, finally. They have brilliant resources that I intend to overuse and you also get to vote for the spirit awards and get first run and the tickets for the event, which is wild and wonderful.

L.A. can be very anonymous and difficult to navigate as a burgeoning filmmaker. We need all the help and support that we can get and not from snotty nitwits who aren’t really doing anything. So here is my list and why!

For the membership, resources and screenings and the blogs.

A really excellent monthly event with an open bar, loads of films to see and a great place to screen your film…kind of a monthly film festival downtown.

For the news.

For the tips.

For the news and the tips and the inspiration.

For the support and information for women in film and even men in film, but only the nice ones.

For the gossip and the insight and brilliant roundtable videos with everyone you love.

For the news and gossip.

For the British and it’s brilliant!

For just about everything.

For the history and the events.

I’m in the middle of pre-production on a feature film proof of concept, a 12-film series and my own feature, as well as my husband’s. So I’m super busy.  I also shot four zombie shorts in the past six weeks and my head is spinning a bit.  I love being busy, but I may pass out as I write this!!  It never rains but it pours!

I had a fall almost three years ago and it put me out of action for a while. I still am in recovery from two operations, but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Good lord I am using a lot of idioms in this!

So more will follow as far as filmmaking anecdotes, tips and guidance…and also embarrassing mistakes that I have made and that you can hopefully learn from.

Go and grab a camera and get out there and film something for heaven’s sake!