Vanity Phone Numbers for Businesses and Their Advantages

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A vanity phone number is a toll-free number where subscribers request a certain sequence of numbers to spell out a word or phrase for marketing purposes.

Starting a new business is an exciting venture and a lot of time is spent on finding the perfect business name. A unique business name can be great for memorability, but so too can a customized phone number.

Vanity phone numbers can be a great way to market your business. Many businesses have already recognized this marketing tool and have created specialized phone numbers that are easy to remember for their customers.

You can buy a phone number from various vanity phone number services and also search for an available number by using a vanity phone number generator.

Advantages of Vanity Phone Numbers

  1. Memorability

Research shows that as much as 60% of customers prefer to reach out to a business by phone. A vanity phone number with a specific sequence that spells out a word, is much easier to remember than a bunch of random numbers. 

For example, a business that sells flowers could have a telephone number 1-800-FLOWERS. Customers will remember the number even if they have not used the particular business before. This could mean a lot more potential customers for a business.

  1. Increased sales

When customers have a need for a service urgently, it is much easier to just dial a memorable number than having to search online. This could mean more sales and customer engagement for the business. Driving sales growth is a great advantage a vanity phone number can provide.

  1. Brand awareness 

Brand awareness is a marketing term that is used to describe the recognisability of a brand through its name. Creating a unique phone number can help to bring customers closer to a brand. Choosing a number that describes what a service a business offers will draw in customers even before they know the business name. 

A well thought out vanity phone number will become synonymous with the business and grow the brand awareness with customers. It can convey what the brand stands for and portray the values of the business. Many nonprofit organizations use vanity phone numbers for fundraising. When using a number such as 1-800-DONATE, most people who call in will know that the purpose is to donate to the cause.

  1. Conveys professionalism

Having a vanity phone number for a business creates a sense of professionalism. Businesses who are dedicated to serve their customers and make communication as easy as possible with an easy to remember number, look more credible.

Vanity numbers make it possible for anyone to contact the business as they are toll free and can also be used with most VoIP services. Customers will not have to worry about strapping phone charges or technological difficulties. A vanity phone number therefore provides flexibility which is important for any growing business.

  1. Return on investment

It has been shown that businesses using clever vanity phone numbers have increased their customer engagement by 25% – 50%. Furthermore, inland calls have been found to increase revenue 10 times faster than web leads. This means that an increase in calls can lead to an increase in sales.

A vanity phone number is one of the best tools to boost a return on investment. Sales staff can turn the increase in customer calls into potential sales. It can also assist in growing the customer footprint of the business and enlarging the market share by leaving a lasting impression on the target market.

  1. Additional marketing

Many businesses use online marketing tools such as social media to make customers aware of their brand. A business can print their vanity phone number on their vehicles who can potentially drive past thousands of customers per day. 

If the number is thought out and conveys the service of the business, people who drive past the vehicles will remember seeing the number when the need for the service arises.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages for a business to have a vanity phone number. They are easy to purchase and a vanity phone number generator can assist in searching the availability. A business with a vanity phone number will attract more calls from customers due to the memorability of the number. People often remember words a lot easier than numbers.