Todd Warner Moore “Spark”

This is a beautiful album.  A gorgeously open, melodic and timeless group of songs tinged with Americana, folk and gentle rock. 

Todd Warner Moore has spent time living in Hungary and is now settled in Hong Kong, so the sweet familiar American sound seems all the more stripped back and all the less cliché when you think how far this music has travelled.

There’s also a wonderful gypsy quality, which has perhaps some deep connection to his wandering soul. I hear echoes of The Water Boys, Mumford and Sons, Talking Heads, Loudon Wainwright III.  There’s a little Dylan in there too and some John Lennon, but really this sound is all Mr Moore’s.

It’s the kind of music that makes you smile…widely.  It’s anecdotal, painting crystal clear pictures of the stories it remembers.  The songs are purposeful, poetic and beautifully crafted.  Filled with warm cellos, violins and violas, guitars, double bass and a myriad of percussion, they spiral and turn in tender heartrending waves.

This album is consistently good.  Each song leading seamlessly into the next.  If there’s a theme it seems to be love and forgiveness, to each other and to us all.  It’s a healing sound, rich and polished.  Moore’s voice is authentic and he uses it rhythmical and thoughtfully flipping from full rounded vocals to breathy intimacy with divine backing vocals from Leah Hart.

It’s no surprise to me that Todd says of this album, “I feel that it is the album I have always been striving to create.”  It’s as good as anything I have heard in this genre.

Todd Warner Moore has carefully curated this for us and I for one am very grateful.  Loved it!!!

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Todd Warner Moore: Vocal: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Leah Hart: Backing Vocal

Michael Kentish: Backing Vocal

Jamie Howell: Electric Guitar

Roberto Diana: Dobro, Steel Guitar

William Stewart: Violin, Viola

Daniel González: Cello

Davide Severi: Piano

Issar Shulman: Double Bass

Larry Salzman: Percussion