Today’s The Day @ The Actors Workout Studio

NoHo’s Actors Workout Studio premiered Today’s The Day  

crowd-pleasing collection of seven diverse original short plays written by members of their creative and inventive Sunday morning group called The Writers Workshop.

The short plays feature talented thesps in dramatic and comedic pieces.

Opening the show was a dark moody World War ll drama called The Sugar Lottery written by April Littlejohn and directed by Roxanne Jaeckel featuring Jenna Newstrom, Heather Boothby, Rich Warren and Vincent Giovanni about German immigrants in America in 1940 struggling with multiple challenges they never foresaw before coming to America for a better life.

Next up literally shifting gears and taking place entirely in a car was Running In The Family a fun contemporary light comedy written and directed by Steven Reveles featured a charismatic young couple played by Jim Marsilio and Jeni Wu.

Junk 2
Throwin’ Junk

Throwin’ Junk written by Roger Gutierrez and directed by D.B. Levin featured Mr. Gutierrez and Robert Rochester in a tension-filled unexpected high school reunion in a cyber cafe with startling twists and turns.

Shotgun Encounters a quirky comedy written and directed by Daniel B. Weisman hit the funny bone and featured Bobby Williams and Carlene Olson as 2 Southern hicks who must deal with a mysterious Alien visitor.

This is Junior

Following intermission was another quirky comedy called This is Junior written by Roger Gutierrez and directed by Tim Simek featuring Bobby Williams and Jason Waszak about a boozing Southern singer who proclaims to be the son of Elvis Presley and the surprisingly helpful cop who tries to give him a hand.

Saying Goodbye, a resonating drama written by Paul Surace and directed by Conrad Dunn featured Mr. Surace and Holger Moncada, Jr. in a very poignant and powerful reunion of an estranged father and son.

Shifting gears again was the fun over the top farce Ten Minutes! written by Chris Karmiol and directed by Conrad Dunn featuring Jylian Sy, Jonah Weiland and Ian Stanley about an EXTREMELY amorous interior designer who makes very personal house calls as her unsuspecting husband waits for her in the car.

Today’s the Day runs for the next two Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at Actors Workout Studio located at 4735 Lankershim Boulevard in Noho. Next up for AWS is Tonight’s The Night opening June 29th for a three week run. Visit  for more information.


The Cast
Jenna Newstrom
Heather Boothby
Rich Warren
Vincent Giovanni
Jim Marsilio
Jenni Wu
Roger Gutierrez
Robert Rochester
Bobby Williams
Carlene Olson
Jason Waszak
Paul Surace
Holger Moncada, Jr.
Jylian Sy
Jonah Weiland
Ian Stanley

Written By
Roger Gutierrez
Chris Karmiol
April Littlejohn
Steve Reveles
Paul Surace
Daniel B. Weisman

Directed By
Conrad Dunn
Roxanne Jaeckel
D.B. Levin
Steve Reveles
Tim Simek
Daniel B. Weisman

Executive Producer
Fran Montano

Stacy Ann Raposa

Stage Manager
Phil Talsky


Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.