Tips for Writing an Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Tips for Writing an Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Unfortunately, before writing this article I have to warn you that it is not about a movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio, it is about the worldwide classics of literature, the most famous of them all tragedy of love, hatred, and vengeance that was so masterfully, yet so simply crafted by the one and only William Shakespeare. As a matter of fact, there is no other way to represent this literal masterpiece as it is known all over the world. It is staged in the best theaters, it is translated to more than one hundred and fifty languages, and it is Romeo and Juliet. However, everybody in the world of literature is tired of the constant odes sang to Shakespeare and his genius. He was a genius, and it cannot be rejected. But when it comes to writing about Romeo and Juliet why not focus your attention on things that simultaneously make this tragedy truly peculiar and your essay outstandingly awesome. Here are five interesting facts to write about in Romeo and Juliet essay.

Shakespeare Was an Outlaw

Can you imagine that some modern author would dare to write about a thirteen-year-old girl who embarked on adultery with the son of her family’s enemies and then poisoned him and herself? This author would have been sued faster than a bolt of lightning strikes a tree stands lonely in the fields. It goes without saying that all the characters in Romeo and Juliet are interesting, but it definitely feels like the English wordsmith wanted to make Juliet stand out of the general crowd.

Everyone who read the tragedy knows that the lead characters were young – it is not a secret. Nonetheless, as it turns out Shakespeare describes Juliet as a thirteen-year-old teenager. According to the reckonings of modern scholars, the famous couple of the “star-cross’d lovers” who come from two hostile families were sixteen and thirteen years old. Thus, before glorifying in your essay the pureness of love that Shakespeare describes in Romeo and Juliet you shall first ask how lawful it was, at least as of today.

Not an Original Idea

Not everyone knows that Shakespeare has actually plagiarized the idea of the tragedy. The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet that was translated from Italian into English by Arthur Brooke in 1562 served as the source of inspiration for the greatest writer of all times. However, the difference is that in the original verse, Juliet is sixteen and not thirteen while Romeo is still somewhere around sixteen. There are no essays written about it. Montague and Capulets were the distinct families of Verona that were held in high regard by the citizens, but it seems that Shakespeare wanted to add some bad blood to the story as otherwise, it would have not become a tragedy. Who knows, maybe, if they were of age or even older, their families would not resort to shedding each other’s blood but would have simply played the best wedding in the history of Verona.

Maybe not Shakespeare but Shakespearetti?

William Shakespeare’s love for Italy can be neither denied nor rejected as it seems that everything he did was borrowed from Italy. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised about as the heritage of Italian literature was extremely abundant in Europe of those times. Hence, here comes another interesting fact for you to write about Romeo and Juliet unrequited love. The first reference to the literary characters of Capulets and Montagues can be found in the poetic creations of Dante. Namely, the Divine Comedy features two families of Capulets and Montagues that are constantly in the state of war with each other. Even the first Romeo and Juliet page in your search engine will not tell you this.

The Non-Existing Balcony

The people of Verona have, probably, made millions of dollars on people eager to come and see the balcony to which Romeo was coming to speak to his lovely Juliet. At least, the majority of the Romeo and Juliet essay examples would not feature this fact, but that notorious balcony can be a non-existing one. In fact, Act 2 Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet states it loud and clear that Romeo saw Juliet appearing in a window and not on a balcony. What is more, it would have been extremely hard for Shakespeare to mention any balcony in his tragedy as England of that time did not know what a balcony was from an architectural point of view. Remember this fact when you write your Romeo and Juliet paper.

Juliet Still Gets the Valentines

Regardless of all the absurd and historic fallacies that are present in the tragedy, it shall be acknowledged that it is a truly incredible work of literature. Thus, people’s fascination with love that burst between Romeo and Juliet can be understood. This is a proper way for you to end your essay – to mention an interesting but not serious fact that everyone shall find compelling to read about. Even though the tragedy was performed for the first time in the 1590s, it is even today that the Valentines are sent to Verona for Juliet to receive and answer with reciprocity. Still, you may want to know that Samuel Pepys, a Shakespeare’s contemporary, who was a renowned diarist of his Epoque claimed that the first staging of Romeo and Juliet was an absolute failure.


There is no way to state that Rome and Juliet is not the most pompous and the most famous of literal tragedies that have been ever created by a human. William Shakespeare is a genius, and his legacy will long and prosper for the next generations to acknowledge and enjoy. However, when you start writing your essay about Romeo and Juliet, make sure that you look not only for the hackneyed facts that everyone already knows. Shakespeare did his best to mesmerize his audience, so go ahead and do your best to pleasingly shock your teacher.