Three Tips for a More Elegant Lifestyle Without an Extravagant Budget

Three Tips for a More Elegant Lifestyle Without an Extravagant Budget

It’s a tale as old as time itself: we want to look like we’re living “the good life” but simply don’t have the budget to back up our expensive taste.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to embrace the world of glitz and glamor minus the extravagant price tag that comes along with such a lifestyle.

For starters, think of the following as a means of adopting to a minimalist mindset when it comes to “stuff” and what it really means to be rich:

  • You can live life to the fullest through a “less is more” lifestyle: consider such an approach to living as a challenge to yourself
  • It’s more than possible to enjoy daily luxuries on a budget: you simply have to pick and choose your battles accordingly
  • Not everything you do needs to be a five-star affair

Living a more elegant lifestyle requires some creativity: with the following tips in mind, you can transform your home, personal style and mindset on your way to a richer, fulfilled life.

Declutter Before You Redecorate

Perhaps the best way to create an elegant home life is by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and emphasize only the best aspects of your home décor. Such clutter may include knick knacks that you’ve accumulated over the years or items that you’ve meant to throw out but haven’t gotten around to yet.

After you’ve removed clutter from your space, consider some central areas of concern when it comes to redecorating. For example, decorations such as plantation blinds represent a cost-effective means of making any room look more elegant beyond your existing furniture. Rather than trying to load your space up with prints or décor, take a minimal approach so that you have less stuff to manage.


DIY Beauty Products

Makeup and beauty products are cornerstones of a glamorous lifestyle; unfortunately, they can get incredibly pricey if you’re constantly scrambling for new products. Instead, consider some DIY beauty options that will keep hundreds in your pocket over the course of the year, such as:

  • Homemade sea salt spray, giving your hair tussled volume on the cheap (a mixture of warm water, coconut oil and sea salt)
  • DIY lip scrub, allowing you exfoliate with only three ingredients (brown sugar, honey and coconut oil)
  • Uplifting eye cream, a mixture of beeswax combined with essential oils and vitamin E that can keep you looking more vibrant without breaking the bank

In short, it’s tempting to splurge on beauty products for the sake of vanity: however, many homemade products are akin to the “real thing.”

Shopping Addict? Subscribe and Save

Now, you can’t be expected to look elegant without spending a bit, right?

Sure, but that doesn’t mean you need a blown-out budget to make it happen.

There are a number of cost-effective options for elegant clothing in the form of subscription boxes such as Cratejoy, which deliver monthly outfits or single pieces such as leggings for next to nothing. As you accumulate outfits over time, you can often cancel your subscriptions a few months until you’re hurting for new pieces. Such boxes are a great way to mix and match new clothes without the added fee of a shopping spree.

Enjoying a more elegant lifestyle on a shoestring budget is possible, granted you know where to save. By simplifying your space and style accordingly, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous while keeping cash in your pocket.