"It’s Just Sex" Returns to NoHo - Where It All Started

It's Just Sex at the Secret Rose Theatre www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Did you know that NoHo has the highest concentration of theatres outside of New York City? Yes world, L.A. is definitely a theatre town! The NoHo Arts District dot Com team is always thrilled to share the many successes of our growing North Hollywood neighborhood. We especially like to share the success of our theatres and the shows they produce. So let’s give a huge NoHo “Welcome Back” to L.A.'s longest-running comedy and the Off-Broadway hit – “It’s Just Sex” at The Secret Rose Theatre.

So what’s the show all about?

The play follows the story of three normal married couples - each dealing with the realities and issues of modern marriage - who get together for an innocent cocktail party. But a game of truth or dare leads to a surprising and cleverly-staged partner-swap and the couples are left to deal with the hilarious consequences. "As the liquor flows, games are plays, secrets are spilled, boundaries are broken and reality gets swapped for fantasy."

How long has the show run?

"It's Just Sex" ran for almost three years in L.A. and 10 months Off-Broadway in New York at the Actors' Temple Theater.

What do you think is the secret to the show's success?

Three reasons - it's funny, it's sexy and everyone relates to the characters and the situations. The show is perfect date-night entertainment and provokes great conversation afterwards. It just works. It is fast paced and very funny and gets you thinking about your own life, relationship and how you'd deal with a topic everyone thinks about but never actually experiences.

What's up next for the show?

We open at the Secret Rose in North Hollywood on August 22 with plans to raise money for a Las Vegas production early next year at a major hotel-casino. It will also be produced in Austin, Texas at the 300-seat Oneworld Theater in September and has been licensed for productions in Brazil and Israel for 2015. There is also the potential of a production in London.

The new cast for It's Just Sex Los Angeles 2014 includes: John Colella & Reamy Hall (who are a real-life married couple), Andy Hirsch, Stephanie Fredricks, Betsy Russell and Vincent Spano.

It's Just Sex at The Secret Rose www.nohoartsdistrict.com

You can find It’s Just Sex on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ItsJustSexComedy and Twitter @ItsJustSexPlay

See what folks are saying about the show:

“A comic home run. Unapologetically commercial. It's thoughtful naughtiness rocks the house." A comic home run” - L.A. Times

“Convulsively funny” - Variety

"Sweet, Passionate, Thought-provoking, convincingly enthusiastic ... Rick Shaw adds nice directorial touches." – N.Y. Times

"GO! Provocative and surprisingly enlightening. Sharp, funny and concise.." – L.A. Weekly

“Hilarious & thought-provoking” - Fox 11 TV

“One of New York's sexiest events” - TimeOut New York

"A Turn-On! Sexy, Naughty and Surprisingly Emotional. It's Just Sex is spicing things up Off-Broadway. A Very Funny, Entertaining and Clever new comedy." – Broadway World L.A.

"GO SEE THIS SHOW! It will make you laugh. It will make you think. Wildly hilarious, creatively staged. A mini-masterpiece of contemporary morals." – www.nohoartsdistrict.com

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“For A Patriotic Boost, Thank You Minerva is The Secret Rose Theatre’s Prescription!”

Pic_001_Jackson_Smith_John_McCool_Bowers_Julia_Shear_Kushner_RachelBerman_Johnatahn_Byran_In_Back_Rachel_Howe.jpg - 225.12 KB

The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood has a fact-filled musical production called "Thank You Minerva" with book, music and lyrics by Alan Stillson and directed and choreographed by Alissa-Nicole Koblentz. Minerva being a muse, who is daughter of the Roman God’s Jupiter and Juno, is the one who inspires lyricists to compose some of America’s iconic songs as taken from their various periods in time past and present.

“Stuck in Neutral Is an Excellent Example of Reality Hitting Home”

trevino_black.jpg - 468.68 Kb

rs-close.jpg - 163.84 Kb

Meet Rick Shaw, the new owner of the Secret Rose Theatre.  He is no stranger to the entertainment world.  Rick began as a stand-up comic and became a comedy writer and producer for TV, radio, other comedians, magazines and live events.  He produced "The Nanny" and wrote numerous other sit-com episodes.

Secret Rose Theatre has a production that I would be more apt to describe as an Insane “Opera-stylization” of Caligula. Author Kai Cofer was attempting to make a forceful comedy but with the productions tempo, musical score and pacing for me it was more of a forceful operatic piece. The producers tried truncating the life of Emperor Caligula into a series of events using his immediate personas around him to eventually lead up to his timely demise.

When Indians became known as Native Americans in the early 1970s, Hollywood seemed to lose interest in their stories. Aside from "Little Big Man" (1971) and "Dances with Wolves" (1990), I can't recall any major films of note over the past four decades that dealt primarily with Native Americans.

SEATS: Up to 75 and wheelchair accessible seating.

Bob Cratchit & Mr. Tightwad @ The Secret Rose

Sorry to say, this adaptation (Katrina Wood) of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol is a major disappointment. The performance was sluggish - at least on the afternoon I attended, and there are no real redeeming qualities for the changes made to the script. If you are attempting to present the story from a different perspective, fine, do that, but make sure there is a reason and that it is completely clear. To add contemporary characters to delight a younger generation - like a rock 'n roll Goth Girl for the Ghost of Christmas Present (nice work from Athena Rose) within the traditional Victorian setting makes no sense. Even having Bob Cratchit narrate doesn't change or enhance anything. The music is OK, but hardly memorable; it needs more buoyancy and hope. I kept asking myself "What's the new twist on this?" The small plot elements changed would be better off left as Dickens wrote them.

On the plus side there's a very enjoyable performance by Foster Walker as Cratchit. His aggressive personality is rather engaging, and the slight conversion to a Scrooge-like nature at play's end is fun to watch. It's a pleasure to see the vibrantly talented Emily Bridges, but she is quite wasted as Nell. Some nice work from the ensemble and excellent staging, but an overall unstimulating presentation that may turn off ardent fans of Charles Dickens.

3 out of 5 stars


Book & Lyrics by Phil Olson
Music by Paul Olson
Directed by Doug Engalla
Choreography by Stan Mazin

Fourth in a series of “Don’t Hug Me” musicals, DON’T HUG ME, I’M PREGNANT returns to the little north woods bar “The Bunyan” in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota, owned by Gunner and Clara Johnson.  Also returning are the wonderful characters, new terrific original songs, great choreography and belly-filled laughs.


don't hug me i'm pregnant

The HumanArts Theater Company presents


Written by Jim Leonard, Jr.
Directed by RoZsa Horvath

In the fictional Indiana farm community of Zion during the depression, THE DIVINERS is a story of truth, faith, compassion, despair and the human condition.  Written with a distinctive style by Jim Leonard, and excellently directed by RoZsa Horvath, this inaugural presentation by the HumanArts Theater Company is a welcome addition to the NoHo Arts District theatre scene.

The Diviners

Ferris Layman (Mark Howard), a widowed farmer, is raising his brain damaged young boy Buddy Layman (Michael Beck) whose mother died saving him from drowning.  Innocent and uncontrollable, Buddy has the gift of divining or water-witching, but ironically is terrified of water.  A disillusioned Kentucky preacher, C.C. Showers (William Barker), has come to town searching for a new life for himself, meets Buddy and a bond forms between them.

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