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Leadership to the Xtreme – interview with Mike Chat of XMA

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 09:06

NoHo Seeks Crafty Tricksters This April Fool’s Day

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This is no joke!

April Fool's Day

The NoHo Arts District dot Com team loves April Fool’s Day. We are bad, really bad. But we think you all are much craftier pranksters. Tell us your best April Fool’s prank and we’ll give the best trickster a $25 gift certificate to Pitfire Pizza in NoHo. This way you can take your “fool” out for a consolatory celebration of yummy food and libation.

Email us your foolish tale
Subject: April Fools
We announce the winner on Friday, April 4

April Fool's Day

So how did April Fool’s Day start? That’s tricky, too.

Way back in the day, folks celebrated New Year's Day up until April 1, close to the spring equinox. But in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII replaced the old Julian Calendar with the Gregorian Calendar. The new calendar made January 1 New Year's Day not April 1. According to a popular story telling, many people refused to celebrate the new date or they never heard about the date change, all the while still celebrating New Year's Day on April 1. Well, people began to tease these “April Fools” and thus the name.

We may never know the exact origins of this popular holiday but we can guess that it has something to do with spring, a time of renewal and happiness with lots of celebration.

Here’s a great video from explaining the background of April Fools.

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Here’s your NoHo arts community update!

We look forward to sharing lots of fun and unique news, events, profiles and updates on what’s happening in the NoHo Arts District.

Monday, 31 October 2016 03:38

What’s Up, Eclectic?

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We checked in with one of the restaurants that helped establish the NoHo Arts District, The Eclectic. 

Monday, 30 March 2015 16:58

The Eclectic Makes Tuesdays Terrific

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Tuesday is the new happy hour. Why? Because It’s ALL DAY.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 01:07

The Great NoHo Pizza Giveaway!

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The Pizza Press, a fast-casual, build-your-own pizza franchise, announces their North Hollywood grand opening on Thursday, October 13, 2016 with a Great Pizza Giveaway.

Monday, 16 June 2014 14:31

Support a Hairier NoHo

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On Saturday, June 21, if you see folks walking around with more mustaches and beards than usual and more unusual mustaches and beards than usual, you’re still in NoHo. The Los Angeles Facial Hair Society will take over The Federal Bar for their second “annual” Beard and Mustache Competition sponsored by Mod Cabin. As you might have guessed, they are beard and mustache aficionados and expert beard and mustache growers. Their mission is to unite the facial hair growers of Greater Los Angeles and California.

“We'll be gathering the best and brightest follicles under one roof, the roof of The Federal Bar, in yet another chance to give each man the opportunity to prove that his face of fur is the best.”

Beard and Moustache Competition NoHo Arts District The Federal Bar

Meet and Greet is Friday, June 20

Competition is Saturday, June 21

Competition Day: Doors Open: 4PM  | Competition: 5 – 9PM

DJ: Danny Valeriano will be spinning tunes from 4-11PM


The Competition is at NoHo’s The Federal Bar 5303 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, CA 91601

Image courtesy of Focal Finder

Co-founder of the LAFHS, Michael “Sparky” Sparks answers some questions for NoHo Arts District dot Com readers.

Why did you choose NoHo for your event?
The main reason we chose to hold our event in NoHo is because it's home to The Federal Bar. It's a great neighborhood bar that also has an awesome venue space for live events. It also helps that NoHo is accommodating to our needs. We have quite a few out of towners joining us for this event, so it's nice to have hotels close by and the Metro for transportation.

Why did you start L.A. Facial Hair Society?
LAFHS was founded by myself Michael “Sparky” Sparks, my wife Kim Sparks, Nate “Chops” Johnson and Alana Beck. The purpose of this club is to bring together people who have a common interest in growing facial hair and/or for those who are just fans of facial hair. We're a social group. If you enjoy making new friends, attending fun events and just want to have an overall great time, YOU should join this club!

Is this a competition to go on to a national competition?
This is a regional competition. Anyone is welcome to attend whether you live in L.A. or not. And although it is not a national competition, it works in the same respect that it is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and have an awesome time.

Any suggestions/tips/must dos/must not dos for young folks who want to grow a mustache or beard?
Let it grow! Don’t shave or trim for at least three months until you see what you have to work with. Once you have figured out your style of facial hair, whether it be a beard or mustache or both, proper care such a conditioning, trimming and/or styling is recommended.

Beard and Moustache Competition at The Federal Bar

Mod Cabin is sponsoring the event this year and they’re joined by vendors Lumberjacks and Jill, The Fresno Beard & Moustache Club, and The Moustache & Beard Social Club. Judges this year are Ms. Kitten Natividad, Mr. Steve Scarpa, Mr. Daniel Winter, and Mr. Kai Cofer. They will also donate a portion of proceeds to Dawg Squad Rescue, a group that focused on special needs pups and do some amazing work for “hard to place” breeds. 

Here are the many ways you can stay up to date on all the fun stuff the club gets involved in:

Instagram: @lafacialhairsociety #lafhs
Twitter: @LaFacialHair

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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 20:51

Zombie Joe's and A Christmas Carol?

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Yep, It's "A Christmas Carol," Zombie Style

The Christmas holiday in North Hollywood would not be Christmas without a NoHo rendition of the Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Well the NoHo Arts District is getting a new version, Zombie Joe’s style. Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group (proudly) presents their very own fun, freaky and rockin’ turbo-charged version of the classic celebrating holiday spirit and redemption. Directed by Denise Devin and produced by Zombie Joe (and Zombie makes an appearance on stage again!), this version of "A Christmas Carol" will sure to please.

A Christmas Carol Zombie Joe's on

What makes the Zombie Joe’s "A Christmas Carol" different?

Our ZJU Christmas Carol is different in that it is probably a little scarier than most. We have also added a Steam Punk Chorus to the beginning of the show, which kind of adds to the theme of Scrooge's redemption journey. Is it a nightmare, is it real, did the ghosts actually visit, or was it all a dream?

Why did you choose "A Christmas Carol"?
We chose A Christmas Carol for a couple of reasons: First, it is a very scary tale, complete with ghosts, and dead people. Fits our theater perfectly. Second, it is a great tale of redemption and we love this story here at Zombie Joes. Both great reasons, we didn't look further!

However, we also thought it might be fun if the lead directors at ZJU did most of the parts ourselves, kind of as an homage to our actors and for some fun! Which is how we came up with the cast for the main parts - Zombie Joe, Denise Devin, Josh T. Ryan, Sebastian and Vanessa. Very sadly, Josh became quite ill and had to drop out of the show. Sebastian stepped up into his role of Scrooge brilliantly. So it is still the lead directors leading the cast. And we were fortunate to get some beloved ZJU actors to join, and some new faces, Sebastian Muñoz as Scrooge and Zombie Joe as The Ghost of Jacob Marley with Denise Devin, Vanessa Cate, Jason Britt, and featuring the Steam Punk Chorus:  Redetha Deason, Gloria Galvan, David Wyn Harris, Sandra Saad, Annalee Scott, and Corey Zicari.The whole process has been a whole lot of fun, and has given the directors even more admiration for their crew of amazing actors!!!!

Can you tell us about the music you have for the show?
For the music, we decided to have it "live" as much as possible. The Steam Punk Chorus is basically providing all music, sounds, noises, wind, and anything else. We are augmenting this a little with sound from the booth, but overall, it is all "live." It adds a great touch to the whole thing. We use live music a lot at Zombie Joes, it always gives a special something to each production. And gives our multi-talented crew the chance to use their musical abilities.

The songs themselves are traditional Christmas Carols, done a little differently!:) The Chorus sounds terrific!

Annalee Scott stepped in as music director, and we all couldn't be happier about that.

What can we expect from Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in 2014?
For 2014, Zombie Joes will be busy, that I can guarantee! We will start off with the 50 Hour Drive By Festival, our annual event where we create plays, rehearse, and open all in 50 hours. Very exciting!

Early in the Year Zombie Joes "NIGHTMARE" a new horror venue, fresh from Zombie Joes' mind, will open. Be Scared, be very scared!

I am sure Urban Death will come back to haunt us at Zombie Joes. This is our own original horror show, and we will have new pieces in it. I am really looking forward to that one! It is always an extremely artistic event as well as creative, original, and of course, horrifying.

I know we will do an original play, maybe 2 or 3. We've always been known to support our own playwrights, as well as new ones to the group, with a chance to develop and present their original works for the first time. As for the rest ... well that is up to our esteemed leader, Zombie Joe. But I am sure it will be an exciting year, filled with theatrical wonder!

As Zombie says, "A life in the theater is a life worth living!"

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Thursday, 08 December 2016 03:32

Meet one of the Loesers of Santasia

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INTERVIEW with SANTASIA’S Writer/Director/Actor Shaun Loeser now playing at the Whitefire Theatre through December 25

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 05:24

Time for FREE Fun and Art in the Park

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ART IN THE PARK: Ready, Get Set, Paint!

Art in the Park, North Hollywood, NoHo Arts District

It began in the summer of 2012 when a group of free-spirited individuals gathered at the North Hollywood Park, armed with a myriad art materials, musical instruments, creativity and the idea to have fun in our neighborhood park. They called themselves “Art in the Park.”

“We want to create a venue where people can come and freely create art in any form,” says founder Tiffany Anne, herself an art teacher.

Art in the Park, NoHo Arts DistrictRightly so, every Art in the Park gathering produces not just visual art, but also music, crafts, sculpture, photography, even fashion. The vision is to assemble the greatest number of people, and bond them in creativity and friendship. Their goal is to bring art to the community in a form that hasn't been seen since the 60s revolution. Free love. Free art. Free jam sessions and Free friends all rolled up in a nice and Free Sunday afternoon. We say:  "You can't beat Fun and you can't beat Free!"

From simple gatherings for random creations, Art in the Park has come up with themes befitting the season. “We’ve had a barbecue in the summer, and pumpkin carving in the fall,” says Mike Perrenoud, in charge of marketing and media. So you can expect some unique and seasonal events.

This month’s event is “Art Races - Ready, Get Set, Paint!" It is a relay with three teams. Each team member is to paint in details on his/her assigned section of a larger image, under quality control measures. In the end, each team member's work forms parts of one large artwork. The relay aspect comes in when each member must pass the brush on to the next member after he/she is done.

Art in the Park, NoHo Arts DistrictTHIS MONTH’S THEME: “Art Races - Ready, Get Set, Paint!"
WHEN: Sunday, August 18 at 2PM
WHERE: North Hollywood Park - Magnolia and Tujunga, behind the library.

Everyone is welcome at Art in the Park, and it’s totally free. Mark your calendars for the third Sunday of every month for some Free Fun and Art in the Park! If you want to cultivate your creativity, Art in the Park is where it’s at. To get updates and invites to upcoming sessions, like them on Facebook at

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