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5112Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Telephone: 323-960-5068

Theatre 68 has so much to offer, not just to our members, but also to the local community and beyond.

Theatre 68 is committed to exposing their members to all aspects of the entertainment world. Through productions, T68 members not only get to act, but they also get opportunities to work on their writing, directing and producing. Members enjoy two writing assignments every year where they write a one-act play that is ultimately produced. Many who had never written before have gone on to be prolific and successful writers! We participate in monologue jams, directing workshops, and have a weekly “gym” where everybody gets to work on improv, cold reading, audition techniques and prepared scenes, and they receive constructive feedback from their peers. In this new space, with two theatres and a rehearsal space, they will have even more opportunities! 

Mission Statement
The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company is a community dedicated to assisting actors, writers, directors, and producers in the realization of their creative and professional identity through the interpretation of the written word.

The company is committed to facilitating positive social change through artistic excellence and professional transformation.

Vision & Philosophy
The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company believes in the inner beauty of the soul, its desire to touch others deeply, and the souls willingness to be exposed. We believe that love is the governing force of life, which enables all people to transcend the difficulties in their lives and realize their true potential. Our philosophy contends that once an artist is exposed to his or her own inner beauty, a connection is made from the inside world to the outside world allowing creativity to flourish unencumbered by self judgment. This connection not only blurs the line between reality and fantasy but also removes it completely.

Our community seeks to build character, cultivate high self-esteem, and a desire for artistic and creative fulfillment through our commitment to the artist and their dedication to the theatre company.

How it all began
With only 68 cents in my bank account, I was still convinced that you can make a living doing what you love. It was with this total in my checkbook that I landed my first major acting role. 68 cents is what I was willing to have in order to realize my dream. Acting is a passion, an art, and a need that fills my gut. It is this passion that motivated me almost sixteen years ago to pull together a group in Los Angeles of the most talented friends I have and create a Company, a Company I lovingly named The 68 Cent Crew. 

Over the past sixteen years the Los Angeles 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company has grown into a family of loving, supportive and extraordinarily gifted actors. We are fortunate to have come so far, but it could not have come without hard work, commitment, and a fervent love for what we do. 

On August 29th, 2011, I came full circle from my East Coast roots, and opened a New York City chapter of The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company. From that date we have resided at the Drama Bookshop in times square. The NYC chapter just turned 5 years old and is thriving!

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