The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Winter Tales”

“Winter Tales” is part of the Whitefire Theatres Live Stream series that adapts classic holiday short stories by Robert Frost, Henry James, O. Henry, and A.A. Milne. Adapted and Directed by Bryan Rasmussen

The Whitefire Theatre has really stepped in for the entire Los Angeles theatre community during this extended and literal “dark” age.  Bryan, Nancy, Neda, Brandon, Derrick, Dayna and Rachael have all worked so hard to bring us SoloFest and StreamFest and Black Voices to soothe our souls, entertain and inspire us.

They have become the proverbial oasis in this vast desert of Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Hulu, continually pushing the boundaries and giving a priceless space and support to actors, writers and producers of theatre. Where would we be without them?

“Winter Tales” at Whitefire Theatre – “Christmas in St. Kitts .” Juliette Jeffers,  photo by Bryan Rasmussen.

“Winter Tales”  is the brainchild of Bryan Rasmussen, the artistic director of the Whitefire Theatre and is a collection of adaptations of the works of Robert Frost, Henry James, O. Henry and A.A. Milne.  I love adaptations of classics.  Particularly when done with reverence, humor and love.  These particular stories are such a perfect balance of depth and wintery sorrow, hope, delight and reminiscence.  It’s almost like a family get together, where everyone gets their turn to express themselves, to share what they hold in their minds and hearts at this time of the year.

Since we can’t do that ourselves and in person, the pandemic keeping from us the warm fireside chats, the jovial embraces, the welcome strangers. But this collection of fine actors and beautifully selected prose give us is a few precious moments of this.  A Dickensian visit of the ghosts of what should have been this year. Story after story, monologue, anecdotes, songs all heartfelt and authentic. Infusing us with what we all need so badly right now. Tenderness and love, fond memories and some fun.

Everyone was excellent and wonderful of course. I am so thankful for the suspension of my daily dread and a blissful pause in the direness of the world around us from watching them perform.  Only art can do this.  Utterly transporting us from wherever we are, like a meditation.  Gifting us a new perspective and leaving us with warm feelings of gratitude that last and last.

Thank you to everyone involved in “Winter Tales.”  Let’s remember our connections even as we are so disconnected and support these projects and theatres like The Whitefire that continue to care for us when we most dearly need it.

The Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest is beginning soon, more incredible work from the creative teams that work through the Whitefire Theatre like Jessica Lynn Johnson and Juliette Jeffers and, of course, the brilliant and lovely Bryan Rasmussen.

You can check out what is already programmed for the coming months on their website


Barbara Brownell

Ryan de Quintal

Juliette Jeffers

Dan Anderson

Syn Hardy

Kevin Neighbors

Neil Thompson

Sammie Wayne


Lighting by Derrick McDaniel

Projections, sound and editing by Brandon Loeser

Costumes by Dayna Lucas

Casting/Production Manager by Rachael Stein