The Victory Theatre Center

 SEATS: 93 seats Big Victory, 48 seats Little Victory

Address: 3326 & 3324 W. Victory Blvd Burbank CA 91505

Contact: Maria Gobetti 818.841.4404

Square footage of stage area

The Big Victory Fully equipped.  93 Seats. Stage = 24′ x 18′ x 10′ high

The Little Victory Fully equipped.  48 Seats. Stage = 19′ x 17′, 10′ high

Dressing rooms 4 areas

Author: nohoarts


  1. Can you please me tell me the rate for both of your theaters for rehearsal? And do you have anything available from July 15-August 26 (6 weeks)? I am looking for a space for rehearsals 5 times a week with a minimum of 3 hours at a time. Thank you.

  2. hi-
    I’m looking for a space that will seat 80 pl. with a piano, for a voice/piano recital. I would like to rent the theatre from 12 – 5 on Sunday October 28th. I do not need microphones, just lights and I do not mind if there is a set on the stage.

    Please let me know if this is possible?