The Vaccines – 8 out of 10 stars for new British indie band!

The Vaccines

The Vaccines are the latest craze in the ever-increasing British indie music scene. The release of their debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? was welcomed to widespread acclaim, reaching number four in the UK album charts, not bad for a band that released their CD only ten months after forming.

The band claims to have many musical influences, such as 50s rock ’n’ roll and C86, and have also had comparisons drawn with the likes of The Ramones. These different musical styles can really be heard throughout the different tracks. One rather strong point on the record is the vocal ability of lead singer Justin Young, who not only has one of the most distinctive voices in the industry at present, but is also slightly reminiscent of White Lies lead singer Harry McVeigh.

The album itself is a prime of example of good indie rock, full of catchy guitar jingles and dark lyrics all strung together with an upbeat tempo. However it shouldn’t be treated as yet another commercial indie record. It is well thought out, and what make The Vaccines really special is that they don’t rely on just a single aspect of the band’s skills to make it worth listening to. Instead, each song switches its strongest point from good, meaningful lyrics, such as the song “Post Break-Up Sex,” which shows the bands more hard-hitting emotional side, with lyrics that many who have had break-ups can relate to, to the fast-paced, rhythmic song “Nørgaard,” which shows the airy classic indie talents the band possess and will get stuck in your head for days on end. This is one big positive about the record—the rich amount of variety the CD contains. It really separates the band from the rest. No two tracks are quite identical and will evoke a different emotion in their listeners. There is only one small negative to the album, but it is one that can be seen with many artists today, and that is the length. The album is only around thirty-five minutes long. With such good music, it really does make you wish it was just a bit longer, but nevertheless, you can just keep it on repeat.

Overall, it is a magnificent effort for a debut album, and it is easy to see why this band have literally blown up and are being booked left right and center for concerts and festivals all over. If you haven’t heard the band or album before, definitely take the time to give them a listen. If indie music is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed.