The Ugly Duckling

Storybook Theatre Presents “The Ugly Duckling” at Theatre West  running from October 14, 2017- March 3, 2018

I will never turn down the chance to take my lovely granddaughter to the theatre, although since she is eight, it simply can’t happen that often.

We should take our children to the theatre… all the time. But, unfortunately, there are too few plays that are kid friendly in L.A. That really should change. We have so much on offer in this city, thank goodness for Storybook Theatre at Theatre West!

Their latest production is the effervescent “Ugly Duckling.” With songs and dances and humor, the brilliantly capable team of actors giggle and shimmy their way through the play, filling the simple story with sweet and subtle lessons for the little ones…and some of the not so little ones.

ugly duckling reviw noho1

How can you fail to smile when a theatre full of eager children and parents reliving their own childhood memories shine with glee and excitement and scurry up on stage, when invited (just the kids,) to join the glowing actors in their revelry?

At intermission, everyone is invited to the foyer for cookies and juice while the stage gets rearranged and then back we all file, eager for more of the lives of the duckling, his mother, the bouncy dog, rather a new character I think, and the duckling’s sister…who goes on quite a journey of her own I can tell you.

The play concludes to rapturous applause, while the kids smile with glee and hurry to the front of the theatre for their photo ops with the fabulous cast. Perfection…

The memories of visits to the theatre with my parents are still some of my most favorite and I adore being the grandparent who continues this tradition with my grandchild.

Storybook Theatre at Theatre West has become ‘our’ place and you might want to think about making it yours too!

“The Ugly Duckling” is being performed every Saturday at 1pm from now through March 2018, so you can make your plans and I highly recommend that you do.

The cast includes Kathy Garrick, Anthony Gruppuso, Heather Keller McCarthy and Kristin Towers Rowles.

Book by Lloyd J. Schwartz
Music and Lyrics by Adryan Russ
Directed by Anthony Gruppuso
Stage Manager David P. Johnson

Running from October 14, 2017- March 3, 2018, Saturdays at 1PM
At Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Los Angeles, 90068