The Satin Dollz

The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo
The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo. Jonathan Phillips Photography

Swing back to the 1940s at The Federal NoHo with international pin up darlings, The Satin Dollz, on Saturday, August 28.

In their popular show “Pin Up Revolution,” The Satin Dollz invite you to join in on the nostalgic fun in an immersive and intimate setting while being entertained by big band classics and vintage mashups. The throwback evening includes sizzling close harmony vocals, showstopping tap dancing and charming banter with the audience. 

The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo.
The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo.


Saturday, August 28, 2021
7pm doors open, dinner seating, bar and open cocktail seating 
8pm show 


The Federal NoHo
5303 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Who are The Satin Dollz?

The Satin Dollz are an international touring act who perform classics from the 1920s, 1940s and 1950s combining sizzling close harmony vocals and showstopping tap dance. There are over 60 Satin Dollz worldwide based in headquarter cities of London, Paris and Los Angeles (North Hollywood to be exact). Every show, reminiscent of a vintage Vegas stage show, is a spectacle with charming interaction with audiences, a flurry of glamorous and glitzy costumes and top-notch performances from each of the Satin Dollz. Fans can enjoy a variety of shows from The Satin Dollz including their signature 1940s Pin Up Revolution show which Angelenos can see once a month at The Federal NoHo, That’s So Gatsby,  Tiki and Havana, Holiday Big Band and Sizzling Vintage Jazz. New show in the works is Rockabilly Revolution and A Pin Up Christmas.

The Satin Dollz has grown from 8 original Satin Dollz in Los Angeles to now approximately 20 Dollz in each of our major home base cities of LA, Paris and London for a total of 60 actively performing Satin Dollz. We found with the increasing demand of shows and popularity in the pin up and vintage genre, that we needed to grow the group that we affectionately call the “Pin Up Army.”  

The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo.
The Satin Dollz London. Photo by Stuart Runham.

The European divisions were recently added in 2015 (Paris) and 2017 (London). These groups perform the same material as the US act but each have their own style they add to the show. The Paris act, as you might imagine, also performs a fabulous Can Can and Cabaret show with songs in both English and French. All Dollz divisions are directed by the main producer in Los Angeles and locally managed by very talented and accomplished women who are also performers. Each division has free reign to introduce and collaborate new numbers by sharing choreography and vocals between continents. You may see one number in London premiere and a few weeks later it will pop up in a Paris or a US show! The main office is definitely busier now that we have tripled our number of Satin Dollz but we love that our community has expanded. Each Satin Doll is so talented and unique and we are thrilled having such a close-knit pin up army! There’s actually a music video that all divisions filmed in their respective cities performing the same choreography and singing the same music. We are so proud of this music video as it is the perfect illustration of how we are all united internationally and at the same time have individual charm. This video is a pin up explosion of 50 Satin Dollz and features so much vintage fashion from a variety of our generous and fabulous clothing sponsors.

Why did you choose this genre?

The group initially was introduced as a one-time performance for a theater production fundraiser in Los Angeles around 2001. So long ago we can’t exactly remember!  A few years later in 2005, the group was resurrected for a party that never happened (client cancelled) but after all our work getting ready for it, we just kept going and have been together ever since.  

The Satin Dollz act was inspired by the swing dance bands popular in Los Angeles at the time that emerged after the movie “Swingers” in the 1990s as well as the style and music in “For The Boys” movie starring Bette Midler and the chorus girl number in “Singing In The Rain” with Debbie Reynolds. 

The producer of the Satin Dollz, Allison Mahr, herself was a trained ballet dancer and performer in musical theatre growing up so there was more emphasis on dance with the group at the start. Once the Dollz started working with live bands, singers were added and the show evolved to its signature full USO style show to what is presented today with sizzling vocal harmonies and show-stopping tap dancing. Since then we have expanded and added other retro genres including the 1920s and recently a fierce Rockabilly 50s show. 

Another passion of the producer is retro fashion so the audience will always be treated to several costume changes during a show. Many of the costumes are custom designed and made or specifically shopped from their fortunate group of retro-reproduction sponsors. It’s often remarked that the reason the group was created was because the producer wanted more reasons to wear pretty vintage style dresses to events. (It’s not the only reason.) Actually, it’s fitting that the Satin Dollz first performance was at a fashion show. You can drool over many of these costumes and outfits on their instagram page @satindollz.   

When are your next auditions and what are you looking for?

We recently had auditions in August and will most likely do another round in January. We generally look for SPECTACULAR talent including female jazz vocalists who can hold sometime complicated and challenging harmonies as well as advanced tap dancers. It’s a unique skill set we look for in a Satin Doll that is not easy to find. Satin Dollz must either be highly advanced in tap dancing, sing in the style of the 1940s as well as hold tight harmonies or both. About 11 years ago on our first tour to the UK, we bought ukuleles and have incorporated ukes into the tropical section of our show. In addition to the unique skill set of tapping, singing parts, playing ukulele our Dollz are individually stunning and we look for good hearted gals.  The Satin Dollz have been around for 16 years and the Dollz  who have moved on in their careers are still very close today. The Satin Dollz is much more than a big band pin up act with friendships that extend across two continents and a strong network of incredible women  who support each other on and off the stage. Currently, we are still looking for a few tap dancers who can also sing so interested talent can contact our producer at to submit a video sample of their tap dancing as well as a sample singing a jazz standard. We post about our formal auditions on all our social platforms as well as on our official website at

The Satin Dollz “Pin Up Revolution” at The Federal NoHo.
The Satin Dollz. Jonathan Phillips Photography

Tell us more about the “Pin Up Revolution – Introducing The Satin Dollz” album?

This was such a highlight for us in 2020. With our entire calendar cancelled in all three countries, we decided to finally finish our first album. We are thrilled with it and have received thankfully a lot of positive response. We didn’t want to make a tribute album necessarily of the 40s and 50s where we just covered the classics and imitated the iconic artists. Instead, we had a good time sprinkling in some modern vocal mashups with the vintage classics and recording with our band. However, jazz purists will still find several tracks that stay pretty true to the original arrangements. Interested listeners can find it on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music or Spotify

We are finishing up a new show Rockabilly Revolution so there may be some new arrangements that usurp our current favorite song but our arrangement and video of That Man across the board with the Dollz consistently puts a smile on their face and a thrill up their spine every time they perform it.

Do you have a favorite event?

Hard to pinpoint just one as there are over 60 Satin Dollz in London, Los Angeles and Paris. Each troupe has their own favorite events and  memorable moments touring. For the Dollz in the US, returning bi-annually to the 1940s Ball in Colorado is always a great experience because it’s attended by over 5,000 vintage enthusiasts and in the summer, the outdoor atmosphere is super exciting with rows of vintage planes, two big stages and everyone is dressed up. At Christmas, two entire floors at the glamorous Hyatt Regency are transformed into the movie set of White Christmas. Another one is Tiki Oasis in San Diego and Phoenix and always has the best entertainment and the most friendly and chill fans. One of London’s most memorable shows was for the 75th D-Day performance in Portsmouth on the most massive stage. The show was last minute (three-hours notice) and five Dollz hopped on trains from different parts of England to barely get to the stage on time with costumes being messengered by Uber from one of our clothing sponsors with set lists created all at the same time. Paris’ most memorable show had to be in Malta where they had a four-day jazz residency in St. Julien’s Bay. Surrounded by so much beauty and delicious food, the Dollz had the best time actually at a tourist attraction, Popeye Village, where the Malta community maintains the set of the 1980s movie “Popeye” for visitors.  

What are your social accounts for your fans to find you?

We are very active on Instagram with our main account @satindollz as well as every Satin Doll has their own individual Instagram account where you can stay up to date with their individual shows and travels. You can find them by searching “Satin Doll” and their names will pop up. We are also on Facebook as “The Satin Dollz” and we have an official website where each division (LA, London and Paris) has their own page and keeps a calendar of shows at There’s also an official YouTube channel where you can subscribe to and catch our latest music videos of our international pin ups.  Recently we have been sharing behind the scenes footage on our new TikTok account @satindollz.

Francesca del Console
Author: Francesca del Console

Francesca is a program manager at L.A. Cultural Exchange, an arts-focused student exchange program in Los Angeles, CA. She brings international and U.S. dancers, actors, singers, musicians, etc. to study and train in LA.